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Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Ice Makers

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2019)

Having an ice maker may not be a priority but if you live in a home or have a business where ice is being used often, then investing in an ice maker will do you and your wallet some good. Think about all the time and money that you spend trying to make sure that you have ice. Having an ice maker can make your life so much easier.

Why ice makers help you save more money

Now you may wonder. “Why should I get an ice maker when I have a fancy fridge that also gives me ice?” The truth is, you are losing more money on that fancy fridge because you are consuming more electricity than necessary amounting to higher electric bills.

Your energy consumption goes higher not because of the freezer but because of the motor that operates your ice maker. Since it is inside the freezer, it has its little heater which is needed to dump the ice into the ice tray. The heating requires extra power, and for a task so simple, it is a lot of waste and not worth your money.

Having a fridge that does not have its ice maker and a separate ice maker machine saves you more money because you can just plug in your ice maker when you need it and it does not have to be plugged in all day. Some ice makers have controls that allow you to set the amount of ice you need per batch.

This helps you save up on energy and water usage. For ice makers that do not have this feature, you can just simply turn off the machine when you are not using it. You can also save more money regarding energy consumption when you get an ice maker that is energy star certified. These machines are 15% more energy efficient compared to other ice makers. This means you can save on as much as 1,200 kilowatts per hour every year.

Other benefits of having an ice maker

Trusted water source

When you buy your ice from a store, you have to admit that there is no way of knowing whether they used clean water or just regular tap water. The water may still have the metals and other impurities that you would not want to enter your body system. When you have your ice maker, you know what type of water you are using, and they come with a filter to make sure that the water used to make your ice will be fresh and pure.

The party keeps going

If you often throw parties or have friends over for a few drinks at your home, you know that running out of ice can be a buzzkill. Soon, people will have to stop drinking and then they will want to go home. An ice maker will make sure that you do not run out of ice and have to ask someone to go to the store to buy some more. The ice maker will make your ice faster than your refrigerator which means the drinks will keep flowing and the party will keep going.


Most ice makers are very portable and do not take up much space. This means you can have ice anywhere you go. You can take it with you on vacations, picnics, camping, fishing, and even have friends and relatives borrow it. Take note though that an ice maker is designed to make ice and not store it so you will still need a cooler around. Although there are ice machines that have their cold storage unit, they are usually heavier and more expensive than the portable ones.

Keeps you cool

When you leave in a tropical country, or you are facing warm weather, nothing beats the heat than an ice-cold drink, right? Having an ice machine means you can cool down all the time no matter how hot it is because you will never run out of ice.

How to choose the right ice maker

How to choose the right ice maker

Now that you know how much energy is wasted on a fridge than with an ice maker, maybe it’s time to ditch that fridge and get an energy-saving model and a separate ice maker. But how do you pick out the best ice maker? There are a lot of things that you should consider to make sure that everything is accounted for. First of all, the price must be right for you. Make sure that you compare prices from different online stores and local stores before you settle on a model. Most ice makers do not have a uniform price because they come with different sizes, features, and capacities.

Another thing you should consider is the size of your ice maker – whether you want it as a countertop machine or as part of your bar or kitchen. If you want it as part of your bar, make sure you get the right measurements (height, width, and depth) to ensure that your ice maker fits into the desired space. Note that no matter where you put your ice maker, you have to make sure that it has enough breathing space.

The general rule is to have 1-inch spacing on all sides for oxygen circulation. Failure to do so may cause overheating and can lessen the lifespan of your machine. You also have to consider how you are going to use the ice maker. If you need it for simply drinks every day, then you do not need a high-capacity machine. If you have guests over often or host parties a lot, then you should invest in a high-capacity ice machine.

As you can see, having an ice maker is not necessarily a luxurious choice and just settling with a fridge that has an ice maker does not necessarily mean you are saving up money. If you want to save up on your energy consumption, get a separate ice maker instead. You will be surprised by how much of a difference it can do to your electric bill.

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