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Ultimate Ice Maker Buying Guide in 2019 – All You Need To Know

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2019)

Before even you know it, summer will be here and that means your ice maker will be at work. A swift and efficient ice making becomes critical when the weather is hot and humid, so you surely want your ice machine to perform at very high pace.

ice maker buying guide all you need to know

It’s amazing to know that ice is one of those that will make or break your cold drink sales. If you are in doubt, just imagine that your ice machine broke down and serve all your customers with ice-less juices and beverages during a summer. If you are not flooded with complaints, then you are doing well indeed. When you inform your regular customer that they are going to have an ice-less day…this will be an unpleasant experience for your customer, isn’t it?

This is when, you will start thinking of purchasing equipment that will help you avoid running out of ice mid service.

Never would you want to run out of ice for those enticing cocktails! There has never been a party without a bucket of ice, and if you are a kind of a person who frequently go to the liquor shop to pile up another box of ice after you run out of ice, then you must think of buying the best tabletop ice maker. This way you can please your guests with new cocktail recipes.

You can opt to keep using your small ice tray in your freezer and make 10 cubes of ice at a time, or you easily get a barrage of quality and fresh ice with your automatic ice maker constantly at your home or bar.

You can use these tabletop ice makers in different situations such as camping, while enjoying cool pool side beverages or at your own restaurant or soda cafes. You can use these portable ice makers in whatever way you desire. However, it is not helpful when you want to use these portable ice makers as freezers.

Without wasting much time, let’s find out how to choose the best ice maker in the market.

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There are plenty of icemakers available in the market, note that not all ice makers are the same. You will have to review and compare different portable ice makers so that you can zero down the best selection that is available in the market.

If you are out to purchase an industrial ice machine then, you will have numerous points to consider before purchasing the ice maker online.

Dependability on the Company:

You will have many companies selling industrial ice makers, so it’s is crucial that you take some time to look into the company review before making such a huge and important purchase. When you are looking at buying a new machine, you have to be sure that you are purchasing it from an authorised dealer who will assure you that their product has warranty. Since, you are making an expensive purchase, it us worth to read and asses customer reviews and also check for company’s return policy, so that your after-sale service is hassle free if the ice maker arrives damaged, faulty or not as per the description.

Buying Online:

Especially, when you are making a large purchase online, the web shops allow you to identify the models that match with your requirements efficiently unlike the retail stores which house limited models. Another advantage of purchasing online is that you will not have any sales representative who tries to sell the ice machine that they currently have in stock rather than providing you with the model that best suits your specifications. While ordering online, you can order the required model after going through product reviews and making the right choice. You can arrange for a quick delivery directly to your workplace or home. All this you can do at the comfort of your home.

Check for Item Availability:

There have been many instances that these companies accept orders for the ice machines that are physically not in stock. This might lead to delay in delivery. It might take weeks or sometimes months to receive your product. Hence, its extremely important to check that the ice maker you have elected in actually physically in stock. It is very common for online stores to display stocks that they don’t have in stock and place an order with the manufacturer after they take your order. This might even force you to compromise with the ice maker that is readily available in stock though it does not meet your specifications.

Whichever ice maker you choose to buy online, it’s important to make sure you have chosen the best ice maker that serves your purpose and that you are purchasing from a trustworthy company that has good reviews for number of years selling this kind of item and that offers warranty and has good customer service to help solve your technical issues and any processing issues. Thus, you can assure that you have chosen the best ice maker from a reputed company.

If you are looking for ice makers for your restaurant or business where ice production is used for storage of medicines or in your resto-bar, then you have to opt for commercial ice makers which are economically wise to use.

Even though commercial ice machines work similar to residential or portable ice machines, there are few major differences that make them perfectly suit large restaurants and industries. It depends on the ice production and time consumed for the production; commercial ice machines mainly have the capability to produce and store large quantity of ice in very short amount of time. This feature is very essential for some industries which need large amount of ice is needed. Hence, commercial ice machines are used in fast-paced food and beverages companies to a big hospital setup. If you have decided to buy an industrial ice machine, then you must look at the various options that are available in the market today.

There are numerous models meeting the expectations or requirements of different industrial set-ups such as self-contained models, dispenser models and so on.

Self Contained Model or Storage Ice Machines:

Self contained model as the name indicates, is popular for its all-in-one nature. with a self-contained ice commercial ice maker, you will have the advantage of both production and storage. You do not have to worry about finding another equipment to store the ice that is produced. They come is many sizes and capacities. there are commercial ice makers which are compatible that occupies very less space whilst giving you lots of ice cubes. These 15-inch unit is the best ice machines that can be used in small pubs and homes of people who throw regular parties. There are large models also available in the market that produces and stores hundreds of pounds of chipped ice for mocktails and cocktail drinks.

This is best for people who are looking for ice machines that gives the required quantity and one will not have any space restrictions. Most of the times, these self-contained ice machines are considered as undercounter ice machines due to their low height and simple set-up procedure.

Modular Ice Machine Models:

These models too are small and occupy less space, however they create large amount of ice at a time within a day. In a day you can yield 1200 lbs of ice cubes. These need an extra equipment to store ice as they just produce large units of ice only. Thus, all commercial ice makers have a maximum rate at which they produce ice. Another advantage of these commercial ice makers us that they have the ability to produce clean and purified water as well. It is important to make sure that whatever ice dispenser you choose to mix with a modular ice machine should match the type of ice cubes it produces.


They work similar to self contained ice machine units in which they have the capacity to make ice, dispense it and sometimes store them as well. Many times, these dispensers act only as an equipment that is meant to be combined with modular models. Commercial dispenser units have the ability to dispense maximum rate of ice in a day just like self contained or modular ice makers. It is crucial to decide which dispenser to combine with modular model ice machines as there are many types of ice cubes and you will have to carefully mix dispenser that best suits the modular ice machine that you have opted for.

Storage Bins:

Storage bins are as important as the ice makers as they are required to keep the ice cool clean and clear. They are capable of maintaining large quantities of ice that are produced by modular models, hence they are available in commercial grade. However, one has to ensure that the storage bins have to be compatible with the ice machine you will be connecting it to, else you might end-up with an ice storage bin that might not be able to hold the ice quantity produced by the ice machine. Their insulation properties ensure to hold large scale ice-cubes in shape for long hours. It is best to choose polyethylene insulated cabinets. It is best to avoid sanitary ice storage equipments that are NSF listed.

Make sure that you have chosen the best ice machine that is powerful and meets all your industrial needs and is durable and long lasting. Always make note of specifications that are required by you and your company, review and research before you know you select the best commercial ice machines. With so many brands manufacturing ice machines, you might find it intimidating to choose the perfect commercial ice machine. Get started with easy and interactive site that includes exclusive list of ice machines and storage bins now.

As said earlier, not all ice makers are the same! The ice machines should be manufactured by highest quality brand names in the market today. Then, you can be sure to have the perfect make and model that will suit the customer’s requirements. They will have the assurance of experience and quality that comes with being the top ice machines available in the market.

All commercial ice makers produce ice the same way, however there are ice machines depending upon the type of ice. Knowing different types of ice cubes will help you choose the right type of ice machine that meets your specifications. Some types of ice cubes melt slower, some are easier to chew, and some have specific shape to match specific applications. Here’s a list of common type of ice cubes available in the market.

Cube Ice:

A commonly used ice type which melts slower than any other type of ice. Hence, these are vastly used in commercial businesses and restaurants. This will help you save money as it reduces customer ice consumption and can run the show for several days. Ice cubes will be in full cube, half cube and regular cube sizes.

To make these ice cubes, industrial kitchens use tabletop ice machines.  We have seen that Portable or tabletop Ice Machines would be a fantastic option for people who have space in their kitchen or who like to use ice in their boats or caravans. It beats the hassle of using the ice trays which give you 10-12 ice cubes at a time or buying a bagged ice.

It’s essential to know some factors about best tabletop ice maker so that you can make the most of it.

Best thing about tabletop ice makers is that it does not require water line or water outlet. You just have to add water into the unit’s reservoir and turn it on to start the ice production process. Best tabletop ice machines work like freezers as water is pumped into the rotating ice tray so that the compressor and fan will start freezing the water into ice. Now, a warm refrigerant pushes the ice out into the storage bin.

Best tabletop ice makers produce ice cubes in minutes, where traditional ice machines take hours to make ice cubes. You will be up to serve instantly any extra walk-ins at your restaurants or your last-minute guests.

These tabletop ice machines fit easily in a countertop without occupying large spaces and they are capable of holding large amount of ice as well. They usually would be 15 inches height with 12 inches width.

Since these tabletop ice machines require only power supply and can be placed on a countertop, they are portable.

Nugget Ice:

Also known as “chewblet” ice is mostly used by hospital and health care industries. This ice too melts slowly, however is soft and easy to chew compared to cube ice.

If you are looking to make smoothies, cold drinks and beverages, then Nugget ice maker is the perfect choice.

Flake Ice or Crushed Ice:

If you are looking to store meat and salads, then you must opt for the best crushed Ice Maker because crushed ice melts slowly and will be in form of soft flakes. They swiftly cool and mould into any shape.

Points To Consider While Purchasing A Commercial Ice Maker

Points To Consider While Purchasing A Commercial Ice Maker

Now, that we know what type of ice has to go with which ice machine with our recent discussion on best crushed ice maker, there are numerous other factors that one has to consider taking into consideration to identify the best ice machine for sale that meets your specifications.

Size Range and Volume:

Even though industries are built in large areas, their kitchens might be filled, and the staff may need space to move around, however this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a machine that servers your requirement.

Storing ice needs lot of space, so it is necessary to first estimate how much space you have available in the kitchen and how much ice is required to be stored at a time. If the requirement is huge, then you will have to opt for Modular ice machine and a big storage bin.  Countertop and undercounter Self Contained Ice machine occupy less space, however might not produce enough for your needs. Estimating the size and volume right is one of the most important decision which you will have to take while finding the best ice maker. So, you will have to think carefully about how much ice you will need and the space available in your kitchen to avoid any kind of replacements or buying more ice makers.


All industries and restaurants would have a limited budget and want to best price quotes for best ice machine available in the market. And it’s necessary that you need a commercial ice maker that meets your specifications, now it is a tough task to find the best ice maker that fits your budget.

The price range depends on various factors such as the models that make fancier ice types like ice flakes which might cost you more than the cost of a standard model. The best ice machine for sale that are known to produce large amount of ice and has large storage capacity. Air cooled ice machines will cost you lesser that the water cool ice maker models.

Alongside the cost of an ice machine, one must consider the water usage, power consumption, installation costs, water filters and storage equipments.

It is always preferred to opt for an energy saving ice machine which might cost you more initially but will save lot of money in the long run. Self-contained ice machines might cost you more as their installation charges are high, particularly for under counter ice machine models. Modular models might be the costliest, if you opt for a model that has remote condenser along with its installation.

Thus, it is intimidating to work out a full cost of your commercial machine. Hence, take time to review and research all the installation and long-term costs well, before finalising and purchasing the ice machine that suits your business.

Time Consumption:

On a busy day at your restaurant, you see that you have more walk-ins than usual and the ice your machine made this morning is becoming less, how quickly can your machine make new ice to restore your supply? Only an ice maker that can produce new ice at a very high rate can keep up the stock and save you during such crucial times.

You can find the production rate mentioned on the sticker of all ice machines. The figures mentioned will help you estimate how much ice it produces in a day. However, these calculations mentioned on the stickers are generic.

Not all commercial kitchens need ice machines that have very high production capacity. If you have enough storage capacity, then you can avoid buying ice machines with high production capacity as they are space consuming too. However, if you have small storage, then higher production rate will likely pay off.

Power Consumption:

The level of voltage required to freeze water and maintain the temperature is high, sometimes it might go beyond what your outlet offers. Ensure you discuss with the electrician the power consumption of your ice machine during and before installation, so that the power supply you use for the ice machine is up to the requirement.

Water Consumption:

Ensure your ice machines are connected to the water source that can supply enough quantity of water to the ice machine. Make sure the water valve should have shutoff valve. This will help you, if you want to change your ice machine. Work with a plumber to make sure you get your ice machine connected properly.

It’s important to know about making ice. Also, it’s essential to know how much it costs to make ice. Don’t get caught up in the shell game by selecting a machine based on price only, The costs of lower ice quality and quantity, higher energy and maintenance costs, as well as shorter life cycle, will result in significantly increased costs over what you had budgeted. Before you invest in an ice machine, take a moment to consider its net production rates, ice quality and true energy consumption. This will help you find identify the top contender in every category.

To avail the best price ice machines, you can buy best ice machine during ice machine sale and offers and deals that are annually announced by reputed brands in the market.

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