U-Line: BI95B-00 14 Ice Maker- Black Undercounter Ice Machine Review

Best Buy U-Line: BI95B-00 14 Ice Maker- Black Undercounter Ice Machine Review
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  • quiet without any kind of noise
  • ice making procedure consumes less time

You might see a number of Under counter Ice Makers in markets, but one of the branded qualities of Ice Maker is here named as U-Line: BI95B-00 14 Ice Maker- Black Under counter Ice Maker.


In this time people generally want a device that consumes low electricity. Thus this model of U-Line Ice Maker consumes less electricity along with less water capacity up to 3 gallons. Other than previous models this type of Ice Maker can produce up to 23 lbs of ice per day. This production would be sufficient for users. This machine requires ¼ inches diameter of water connection at its outer side.


  • U-Line has been capable of producing fresh ice with a constant replacing of melting ice into normal ice.
  • This machine is quite without any kind of noise so people prefer them a lot.
  • People get 4 to 5 times faster ice than a normal refrigerator.
  • If you require ice for your parties, then this U-Line ice maker could serve you with approximately 20 ice cubes each day.
  • Ice making procedure consumes less time.


This U-Line does not turn up to your expectation in the case of designing. But is one of the suitable ice makers. The running of water from the backside is too slow and will require a vent panel for water running.

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U-Line : BI95B-00 14 Ice Maker - Black

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For people who do not prefer regular maintenance and are out of time this U-Line: BI95B-00 14 Ice Maker- Black Ice Maker will be preferred more. This feature has eventually made them take over the entire market for being the best under counter ice maker.


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