SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator & Dispenser Review – UPDATED 2019
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SPT BD-0538 Review

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2019)

SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator & Dispenser Review – UPDATED 2019

Sunpentown Mini Kegerator & Dispenser – Best 5 Litre Mini Kegerator

This small sleek-looking appliance is not only designed to fit snugly in your home, but also to provide the best conditions for your beer to sit in to ensure you never take a sip from your drink and shudder to find it’s gone stale.

SPT Kegerator Instructions

There’s barely anything that needs to be said about the instructions that aren’t pretty self-explanatory. Simply connect the plug into a power outlet, pour in your beer and install the CO2 cartridge and voila!

Your beer is chilling and you’re about 20 hours away from a nice cool drink. If you’re still a little lost, that’s alright. It comes with an incredibly easy to read instruction manual for you to peruse, and if all else fails, there’s always YouTube.

  • Chilling time up to 19 or 21 hours, keeping your beer at just the right temperature for about 30 days. Operated through a thermoelectric cooling system. Stores at at temperatures between 0 degrees Celsius (32F) and 3.8 degrees Celsius (39F).
  • Equipped with a CO2 pressurized cartridge to keep your brew bubbly and fresh. Comes with three extra cartridges upon initial purchase for replacements
  • LED Temperature display with simple to navigate push buttons for your ease and convenience. Also, adjustable to better fit your tastes
  • Accepts standard 5 litre kegs, or 5 litre kegs from all major beer brands
  • Detachable water drip tray for easy removal and clean up
  • Classy stainless-steel housing with shiny black accents
  • Small and portable, with a unit weight of 13.89 lbs, a gross weight of 19 lbs, and 10.71W x 16.3D x 16.93H in dimensions
  • Input power of 65W or 1A
  • Input voltage of 110 to 120V or 60Hz
  • Power cord of 4ft length

Before you rush off to hit “add to cart”, here are some pros and cons worth looking into before you go making any decisions. After all, coming in around 150$ to 250$, this baby isn’t exactly cheap. The price may vary depending on where you purchase it off of, but what is price in the face of quality? Let’s put the quality to the test here:

Sunpentown Mini Kegerator & Dispenser


For a price like that, there’s got to be something worth buying when you get the SPT Mini Kegerator/Dispenser. After being tried and tested, here are some of the things we can all appreciate in this classy little contraption:

  • Extremely easy to use: apart from coming along with a simple to read instruction manual, SPT has made it incredibly simple to chill your brew at home with this kegerator/dispenser that is essentially plug and play.
  • Comes with an adapter: If you’re more partial toward beers like Heineken or other branded sorts, you may find that their kegs aren’t exactly compatible with the machine. Luckily for you, SPT has got that all covered and has included an adapter!
  • Force-carbonation: Have you been experimenting with home-brew beer but found that it comes out flat? The great thing about this kegerator is that its CO2 cartridge can actually force carbonate your brew and breathe some life into your homemade beer.
  • Versatility: Why restrict this delightful machine to just beer? Why not any and every carbonated drink? If you’ve got a flat soda, pop it into the kegerator and let it cool for a day and have it come out just as fizzy as it was when you opened the bottle. Soda floats anyone?
  • Small and portable: Probably the best thing about this product as opposed to normal sized kegerators is that it fits extremely snug on your countertop. It doesn’t take up too much space, nor does it draw all the attention of your visitors the minute they step foot in your kitchen, it’s just the right size. And unlike its larger counterparts, this mini kegerator comes at nearly 75% lower the cost! What a steal!

Of course, no product can be perfect. Here are some of the things you might want to watch out for:

  • With smaller sizes, means less beer: This is pretty much a given. With its smaller proportions, the SPT Mini Kegerator can’t hold more than 5 liters at a time, and its cartridge can only be used once per keg. For heavy beer drinkers, that’s going to require some additional cartridge purchases from time to time, unless you think spending around 200$ for four uses is enough!
  • It sounds like you have a small buzzing monster in your kitchen: Okay, having an appliance that makes a bit of noise is entirely normal, and manageable! But try having that incessant buzzing noise for the whole 20 hours you let your beer chill. It’s guaranteed to get on your nerve at some point. Probably best to steer away from the kitchen during these times and let the machine do its work in peace.
  • Takes way too long to chill: Many kegerators boast a cooling time of 2 hours. Place that against the whopping 20 hours you’ll have to wait for this appliance, and you’ll be left wondering if you should have just spent a little extra on a faster model
  • Short power cord: definitely an annoyance when you have to start moving things around your countertops just to make way for this little thing. Even more of an annoyance when you purchase it and realize there’s no way it can reach the outlet in your kitchen!


If you’re a heavy drinker, it would probably be best to spend a little more on the regular sized kegerators that chill faster and can hold several kegs of beer at a time. If you’re more of the occasional drinker and are the type to have a few parties here and there with some close friends, definitely go ahead and buy this mini kegerator! It would be a cool little accessory to show off, and you don’t have to worry about flat beer! What more would you need?

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