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RTIC 45 Cooler (Tan) Review – Best Review This Year!

Entering the market in 2015 with its coolers, RTIC has changed the overall game by offering premium coolers at sum-premium prices. One of these coolers is the RTIC 45 Cooler (Tan).

RTIC 45 Cooler (Tan) – Our Detailed Review

The only purpose of a cooler is to ensure that your drinks and food should always remain cool and safe to consume. A cooler is a necessary piece of equipment especially when you are planning to go to a camp site or outdoor excursion. If your trips last for a day or two, you can easily work with a traditional cooler, but if you are looking for something that will keep your food and drinks cold for more than a week, then you should consider spending your money on some of the premium coolers offered by RTIC.

The RTIC coolers represent an excellent value option especially for people who want a high-quality cooler but were formerly priced out of the market and now have a choice of an affordable cooler. All the coolers from RTIC are overbuild but are never overpriced.

The RTIC 45 Cooler (Tan) is a roto-molded cooler not a soft pack cooler, and is built to satisfy everyone. A rugged and heavy duty cooler the RTIC 45 can withstand a lot of punishment and rough treatment.


  • Very similar to a portable freezer, the RTIC 45 TAN will keep ice for up to 10 days
  • Equipped with integrated locking system
  • Moulded tie-down slots
  • Heavy duty rope handles
  • Easy flow drain sprouts
  • Heavy duty rubber T-latches for smooth and trouble free closure
  • Perfect mid-size and multipurpose cooler
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 16.5 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 25 pounds
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 45 Tan)


But what is that makes the RTIC 45 TAN different from other coolers or what makes it to stand out when compared to other coolers present in the market?

  • The RTIC 45 TAN is rotomolded, which is a manufacturing technique which ensures that it is better insulated by creating seamless plastic shells which are more efficient for insulation, than traditional coolers and is capable of retaining ice for up to 10 days.

The technique of rotomolding also allows the handles to be cast into the body, which in turn increases durability of the entire cooler.

  • The second features that gives you an efficient cooling is its pressure-injected foam. After moulding the plastic shell, it is injected with commercial-grade polyurethane foam insulation, because of which the outside heat cannot pass through your cooler and the inside stays cooler for longer periods of time.
  • With its freezer grade casket the 45 TAN is completely sealed keeping the cold in and the heat out.
  • Even if an inquisitive bear finds you camp, he won’t be able to help himself at all with your supplied, as the RTIC 45 TAN is bear proof
  • With a rugged design the 45 TAN cooler can stand up to rough and harsh treatment. Hence even if you buffet it around on a fishing boat or are frequently hauling on and off the back of a pickup, it is there to stand for a long time
  • One of the most important features of the 45 TAN is that, it drains quickly and easily. As the ice melts over time, you need to periodically pour off the water that is accumulated at the bottom. Its drainage system takes care of the problem without bothering you much
  • You can close it with heavy duty rubber T latches, which ensure that they are easy to open or close but when shut, your supplies are firmly secured
  • It has good impact resistance and shock defence which is perfect for negating damages from accidental drops or blows.
  • Aided with a non-slip base which prevents it from moving around or slipping around.
  • A fully loaded ice box can be really heavy, especially if you are looking for a larger one. Hence to carry you cooler around, portability must be your prime concern. The 45 TAN comes with both rope handles and molded handles for increased portability.

The molded handles are useful when you are carrying the box in and out from a pick up and the rope handles are really useful when you are carrying the fully loaded cooler with someone else.

  • Being medium in size it is absolutely perfect for camping, fishing or hunting trips especially when you travel with few people. It can store up to 36 – 59 quarts which is sufficient for two to four people.
  • With three beautiful colours to choose from, “Arctic White”, “Mojave Tan” and “Ocean Blue”, you can always choose the right style that suits you.
  • RTIC is a direct to customer company, which allows them to cut down on overheads and pass their savings to their customers, hence all the coolers from RTIC are comparatively cheap to other premium coolers available in the market
  • All RTIC coolers are compatible with dry ice, as for really long trips ordinary ice wont suffice. Whereas dry ice can last longer than their conventional counterparts and can preserve really low temperatures efficiently.


  • Outside exterior is not at all susceptible to sweating
  • Keeps internal temperature cold
  • Drain sprouts are integrated with the cooler
  • Bear-resistant exterior
  • Consists of tie-down slots for anchoring the cooler
  • Can be easily carried by one person, being mid-sized


  • Its rubber straps might get in the way when you are closing the lid of your cooler
  • Warranty much shorter than other competitors


A very good choice for extreme adventures. This RTIC 45 TAN cooler is all about extremes, being impact resistant, durable and reliable to long lasting ice retention it won’t disappoint you at all. Apart from being a cooler it will work flawlessly work as a bench, a nonslip step stool or a table top.

Most of the coolers from RTIC are integrated with patented technology which ensures their functionality, performance and durability. You will never regret if investing in the RTIC 45 cooler (Tan).

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