Best Portable Ice Makers Reviewed in 2018 (People’s Choice)

best portable ice makerThe sweltering heat of the sun during the summer season surely makes us all feel hot, sweat more, and get thirsty.

Isn’t it nice to cool down with a refreshingly cool glass of water or beverage by using a portable ice maker right?

The best part:

Ice-cold beverages and water rejuvenate us and prevent our bodies from becoming over-heated and when it comes to cooling beverages, nothing will beat good-old ice cubes.

We simply shoot some ice cubes on each glass of water or drink to get a refreshing beverage that’ll surely keep us cool under the sun!

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When the Ice Cubes Are Not Enough

When we are outdoors, we usually buy lots of ice cubes to cool our drinks. But the harsh summer sun easily melts away these precious cooling cubes, leaving us to run to the nearest gas station to purchase another pound of ice cubes. It’s a hassle and a waste of money on our part, right? All things considered, there’s a straightforward answer for keep away from this circumstance – the convenient, portable & compact ice maker!

What’s a Portable or Counter top Ice Maker?

What’s the real story?

This is a small machine that creates ice cubes quickly and fuss-free. A lightweight ice maker is great for outdoor activities such as camping, summer parties and team building activities. It’s also amazing for indoor use.

Choosing the Best Compact Ice Maker

Here’s the deal:

The market is laden with lots of choices for these nifty machines. To help you in choosing which ice machine for sale you should buy, we put together this guide to 2016’s best portable and counter-top ice maker models.

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Top 5 Best Lightweight & Portable Ice Makers in 2018

Editors Choice ThinkGizmos Ice Maker Review

ThinkGizmos Ice Maker Review

WHERE TO Visit WebsiteHere's the deal: ThinkGizmos countertop ice ...

User rating:
Best Value 2 Igloo ICE108-Blue Compact Portable Ice Maker Review

Igloo ICE108-Blue Compact Portable Ice Maker Review

How good is the Igloo ICE108 Blue Compact Portable Ice Maker? When it comes to good ice makers in the market, ...

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3 NewAir AI-215SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker Review

NewAir AI-215SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker Review

The NewAir AI-215SS stainless steel portable ice maker is what your kitchen needs to look perfect. The product creates ...

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Best Seller 4 Della© Portable Electric Ice Maker Review

Della© Portable Electric Ice Maker Review

Della portable ice maker provides you the perfect ice and colors to your kitchen with its availability of different ...

5 Magic Chef MCIM22SV Ice Maker Review

Magic Chef MCIM22SV Ice Maker Review

Here's the deal - If you need a best sonic ice maker then come let’s check out the brand new model of Magic Chef ...

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Latest Portable Ice Makers Reviewed in 2018

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S – Best Stand Alone Ice Maker

This is a lightweight, silent yet powerful ice maker that can create 26 pounds of ice in a day. One cycle of Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S can produce 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes within 6-30 minutes.

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker is really great because of two key features – easy-to-use push button controls and automatic overflow protection. Plus, also has makes fresh ice in as little as 6 minutes making it one of our top recommendations.

Users may choose whether they want small or large cubes. It comes in stylish silver or black colors, a perfect complement to any kitchen countertop.

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Luma Comfort IM200SS – Best Clear Ice Maker

The Luma Comfort IM200SS is another hardworking ice maker, producing 28 pounds of ice within 24 hours.

Luma Comfort IM200SS is great because it has plug & play operation with no plumbing required, however many customers complain about it being a little bit heavy to be a truly portable unit which is especially true given that it costs around two hundred dollars.

It creates single-sized clear ice cubes within 15 minutes. Just pour water on the reservoir, close the lid, and wait for the cubes to emerge.

The IM200SS is sleek and stainless, making it a nice portable ice maker.

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Magic Chef MCIM22SV – Fastest Speed Model Ice Maker

Keep the ice cubes coming with the Magic Chef MCIM22SV.

This machine can create 27 pounds of ice daily. It makes 9 small to large ice cubes per 7-minute cycle. Unused ice cubes are automatically placed back on the reservoir or drained through the machine.

A small downside is that it’s a bit noisy when running.

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Newair AI-215R – with Self Cleaning Function

This heavy-duty ice maker is perfect for those who need a large supply of ice cubes. It has a capacity of a whopping 50 pounds of ice in a single day.

The NewAir AI-215R Red Portable Ice Maker is one of our top picks, owing to makes ice fast. However, we knocked off a star because of it is a little hard to clean. Still, with great design it easily makes it into our list of recommendations.

Small, medium and large bullet-shaped ice cubes are ready within 7 to 13 minutes. It has a built-in storage bin for keeping unused ice cubes.

It’s also efficient, as it cleans itself automatically and shuts down right after use. The Newair AI-215R comes in a classy red color.

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Gourmia GI110 – Fast Freezing

This efficient ice maker machine makes 9 ice cubes within 10 minutes.

In a single day, the Gourmia GI110 can create 26 pounds of ice. It has a variety of functions such as a status display screen, a standby mode, auto shut-off, three cube sizes selection and a refill alarm.

Gourmia GI500 Electric Compact Professional Stainless Steel Ice Maker is really great because of two key features – compact size works well with smaller spaces and excellent value. Plus, also has high efficiency ice machine that produces ice in minutes making it one of our top recommendations.

The machine’s interiors are made from insulated material to lock-in the cold and keep ice fresh and cool. Gourmia GI110 is also portable and durable.

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Countertop Ice Maker Buyer’s Guide & Review

Let’s go into this and find you the best portable ice maker on the market today.

I will review some of the best available to help you choose the perfect one for yourself.

My portable ice maker reviews will help you decide which one will be best suited to you and your home.

thinkgizmos portable ice machine

ThinkGizmos 26 lbs Portable Ice Maker – Editor’s Choice

TG22 is really great because of two key features – looks stunning and very easy to use. Plus, also has Top rated residential ice maker machine making it one of our top recommendations.

Our house goes through way too much ice these days so we decided to get an ice maker, not just any ice maker.

We wanted a counter-top ice maker because it will take up less space, and we can also use it in our caravan too when we are out and about.

We were all fed up of having to wait over night for our water to freeze into ice cubes in the freezer so we got wanted a machine to speed things up.

I have to say, it is amazing. This machine in particular will drop you ice cold and ready to serve up in just 10 minutes flat, how good is that.

What I really like about this unit is that you can choose the size of your ice cubes. You can have small, medium or even large cubes.

Different machines pump out different shape ice cubes, this one gives rounded cubes with a hole in the center like a dough nut.

The machine is small, as you would expect a portable ice maker to be. Also, you do need to make sure you leave space around it to make sure the machine can breathe when in action.

What I mean by that is that the machine uses fans inside, you need to leave a gap around the unit so it works correctly. Most people will not find this a problem at all.

  • The best part about this ice maker is that it is actually incredibly very easy to use.

It cant’s get much easier than this;

All you need to do is to fill it with water and then select your ice cube size.

Simply place the ice basket in there (which come with the machine) and then turn it on. Even your 5 year old child will be able to operate it.

The machine runs and will pump out 9 ice cubes at a time into the basket.

Then it goes again until the basket is full of lovely ice for you to use.

The machine even tells you when the job is done, the red light flips on and you know the ice basket is full.

Simply pop the ice into your drinks or slip it into the freezer for use later on.

If you are using the ice throughout the day just leave it in the basket.

That’s not all this great little machine has to offer. It even keeps you aware of your water levels. If you get low on water a little light will flash up to let you know about this.

When the machine is full of water it will pump out around 4 baskets of full ice, I mean that is amazing stuff. That’s a hell of a lot of ice cubes in just 10 minutes.

I can use it in my caravan, however I should tell you that even though it is portable, it can never be used outdoors.

You can use the plug at the side of the machine to drain the water out if you are not going to use it for a while, no point in having the water sat there for days on end.

You should always use fresh water in the machine every time you use it.

There is even more positives to tell you about here, the machine is not loud at all either, you will barely even know that it is switched on and working.

I know I said it works with fans, and it does, yet the run so smooth, they don’t make any noise at all.

When the machine is working you just let it run, the top part is see through so you can see how far along the ice making process is.

Think Gizmos Ice Maker TG22

This ice maker by ThinkGizmos is the best reviewed machine thanks to its ability to make a variety of ice cube sizes (small, medium, large), in around 6 minutes.

So if you want to make ice much faster at home without having to wait 12 hours through the traditional trays in the freezer then this is what you need.

It is just so incredibly handy to have in the home, we all have ice now really fast any time we need it. Our drinks stay cold and we are all happy all the time.

The area that you are going to require to house the machine on your counter top is 18 inches squared, yes it’s a lot, but most people will have this spare at home.

Now let’s talk about style, take a look at the pictures, I think you will agree it is very stylish indeed. It will look the part in any modern style kitchen indeed.

It also comes with a pretty long cord and weight quite a bit, 25 lbs in fact.

It is really well made and as you can tell, it has made the top of our list because of just how good it is.

If you are looking for an easy to use really simple portable ice-maker then you definitely want to get this model.

The quality of the ice is okay. Remember you get ice fast, so it is a bit watery.

The ice it makes is wet, and will form a solid chunk of ice if hard frozen. The cubes tend to merge together on the machine if left unattended, yet it separates effectively place it in a glass.

If you are having a gathering at your home then this will certainly make things easier for you that’s for sure.

Amazing product! Ice is made within 15 minutes. So fast and awesome for extra ice for parties. Really happy with the machine. Would totally recommend.

When you think about it, in the long term it is going to save you money. Think of all the money you spend buy ice bags down at the store.

Now you just need to add water to the machine and you can have ice ready in just minutes, what a good solution. If you buy a lot of ice it is going to save you a head of money for sure.

The next best alternative is the Magic Chef MCIM22SV and it comes very highly rated too.

magic chef MCIM22SV

The reviews are very good and it can make ice cubes in less than 7 minutes, which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

This machine makes 9 ice cubes per cycle and has a large 27 lb capacity, for a small machine it can certainly generate some serious amount of ice.

This is one of the cheapest models that you can get, it was done for speed and it certain does that.

It does not store ice, so you will have to pop it into the freezer when it is done.

Unlike the other model this unit is considered to be very noisy. Which might put many people out there off buying it even though it is super cheap.

For more portable ice maker machines look at our comparison guide.

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That’s Not All!

We hope this quick guide has helped you in choosing the best portable ice maker for you before setting out to buy an ice maker.

But there’s a catch –

Make sure to check all the machine’s specifications and compare it against your own needs. Keep yourself cool at all times with your very own compact ice maker.

Happy Shopping!

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