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Orca 40 Qt Cooler Review – What You Need To Know?

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2019)
  • 40 quart cooler
  • Integrated insulation technique
  • Includes attached cargo net

ORCA TP0400RCORCA Cooler, Tan, 40 QT Review – UPDATED 2019

Ideal for on the go adventurers, the ORCA TAN 40 cooler is roto-molded cooler and its premium insulation keeps your food and drinks cool for longer periods of time.

ORCA is a relatively a new contender in the premium cooler products, coming from USA the Outdoor Recreation Company of America (ORCA), makes each part of the cooler in USA, unlike other competitors who outsource their production overseas in order to cut down the costs. This is what makes all the ORCA coolers a top quality product made of the highest quality materials and in accordance with the standards of our country.

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Known for their simplicity, the ORCA never loads it coolers with tons of features or aggressive aesthetics on the mold. Instead their primary focus is on quality and performance only.

Designed to hold ice for longer periods of time, you can easily see up to 10 days of ice life in optimal settings with your ORCA TAN 40 cooler.

The TAN 40 is made up of roto-molded polyethylene, and the roto-molded technology has already been proved to be highly effective in maximizing ice life. The whole body of the cooler is constructed of a single shell and hence is more durable and without any weak points which can break or get loose over time.

Constructed to be really tough and resilient it is capable enough to handle almost anything that you throw at it.

A heavy duty casket between the lid and the walls of the TAN 40, provide a nice seal from the air outside. A thick casket is essential to maximize ice life.

OCRA’s trademark T-latches, makes all its products to stand out from its competitors, while providing a nice clamp between the lid and its body. The uniqueness of the T latch is its shape. Which is designed very similar to the shape of a whale’s tail. Though functionally this shape doesn’t have any sort of effectiveness but aesthetically it keeps all the ORCA coolers distinct form other coolers.

Its thick roto-molded walls not only increase the ice life but also gives it the toughness it requires. The thick single piece construction means that there aren’t many weak points and it can easily handle the occasional bumps or scratches.

All the components which are used to construct this incredible cooler including its latch, hinges and bolts are all of great quality. The hinge beam is nice, thick and made up of steel. The latches are made up of thick rubber and are capable of handling thousands of open and close cycles without tearing or breaking.

ORCA Cooler Review


  • 40-quart cooler
  • Integrated insulation technique for optimal retention
  • Includes attached cargo net for added storage space
  • Lid casket to ensure a perfect seal
  • Flex grip handles for comfortable portage
  • Dimensions: 36 x 19 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 27 pounds

The ORCA TAN 40 cooler comes with side flex-grip handle, which not only provides you a nice grip but are designed in a manner so that either one or two people can carry the cooler with ease. The handles can be extended for your comfort too. They will never hurt your hands and ensure a secure grip.

Equipped with easy-flow 1-inch drainage sprout, you can easily drain all the melted ice or water and empty the cooler without turning it upside down or moving it around.

With a mesh cargo net installed on the backside of the cooler, you get a bit more of storage space for common items that go along with a cooler such as a bottle opener and other similar items which you want to have a quick access to, and keep them in one place when you are outdoors.

Its sturdy no-slip rubber feet, assure that it stays steady in a place whether it’s your car or in the back of your truck at all times.

With a very basic design, the overall ORCA TAN 40 cooler is very plain and simple in terms of looks or aesthetics, with some subtle contours on the front, rear and sides.

ORCA offers an assortment of colour, logo, patterns that consumers can choose from and customize their coolers themselves. You can choose from your favourite team, hobby or a logo. With 7 different categories of designs, which are the classic, camouflage, collegiate, hero, licensed, lifestyle and team. ORCA offers you so much to choose from. This is something that no other premium cooler competitor is offering at the time.

You also have an option of buying a number of accessories which can be bought with this cooler such as ORCA baskets, pads, iceboxes and many others to improve your outdoor experience.


ORCA offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their products and covers all manufacturing defects and workmanship under normal use. They offer a lifetime warranty not only for the cooler itself but also for its rubber feet, rubber latches and rope handles.

Following a very different approach form its competitors who offer a maximum of 5-year warranty for their coolers, ORCA definitely offers you more on each front.

  • Tough and resilient
  • Oversized food grade gasket and firm squeeze
  • Optimized T-latches
  • Mesh netting on the backside
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No extending handles or wheels only standard easy grip handles
  • With the features that it comes with, the TAN 40 is a bit expensive
  • They don’t have Bear Resistant Certification


Premium coolers can be quite expensive but the ORCA TAN 40 falls in the middle of the premium price tier. With really great ice life, toughness and features the ORCA TAN 40 really stands out from its competitors. Keeping things simple is what ORCA is known for and with its ORCA TAN 40 it exactly delivers on what it promises.

Made for just anybody out there, hunters, vacationers, campers, mom’s and many more, with so many designs and colour patterns to choose from every one of you is assured of finding the right design and a perfect cooler for themselves.

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