Orca 20 Qt Cooler Review – UPDATED 2019 – Orca Coolers Vs Yeti

Orca 20 Qt Cooler Review – UPDATED 2019 – Orca Coolers Vs Yeti

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2019)
Whether you are a fisherman or love outing and adventure, a portable cooler can prove to be a great companion for you. Coolers are amazing. They keep beverages chilled for longer while you are out for hunting or camping, serve you frosty drinks at a party or act as an emergency refrigerator.

You can find a wide variety of coolers in different sizes from various brands to choose from. Orca is a reputed brand offering some of the best-designed coolers. It has an extensive range of hard-sided coolers to choose from.

They are known for holding ice for longer duration of up to seven days. Orca 20 Qt Cooler is an excellent model that suits a range of requirements and is designed to be ideal for long road trips, small spaces, outdoor games or activity on hot sunny days.

This Orca 20 Qt Cooler Review will help you decide whether this popular model will work for you. We have also provided a comparison between Orca and Yeti coolers to help you if you are stuck at deciding between the two brands.

Orca 20 Qt Cooler Reviewed for 2019

Orca 20 Qt Cooler is a standard storage cooler which can hold about 15 12oz cans with ice and about 24 cans without ice. It is an ideal companion for picnics, fishing, camping trips and beach outings. It features durable, roto-moulded construction that ensures long-life and sturdy performance in any condition. It has an integrated insulation that guarantees freshness and ice retention for up to seven days.

The cooler has a single flex grip handle in stainless steel. It is comfortable and does not hurt the user during transit. Lid gasket ensures appropriate sealing to make sure the contents remain cooler and fresher for longer and nothing gets inside or escapes out.

Orca 20 Qt Cooler also has a cargo net for extra storage space and also an easy flow spout that makes it easy to empty ice. The Orca cooler is available in a variety of colors to choose from.

  • Roto-moulded walls for toughness and extended ice life
  • High quality construction
  • Thick rubber latches for durability
  • Thick hinge beam in stainless steel
  • Keeps treats secure
  • Quite small for most jobs
  • Heavier than other models

Orca Coolers Vs Yeti – Comparison

Orca Coolers Vs YetiHere is a detailed comparison of Orca and Yeti coolers to help you decide between the two. They are two of the best coolers in the market and are highly recognized and well-known around the world. Both the brands adopt the latest technologies and bring the most innovative designs of coolers in the market.

For the most part, you won’t go wrong with either of the two, but here are some key differentiators to help you make a more informed decision.


While some customers want small sized coolers, others may want larger. Orca offers coolers in six sizes starting with 20 quarts up to 140 quarts to cater different requirements. Yeti, on the other hand, has coolers in 13 different sizes with 22 quart cooler being the smallest to up to a huge 330 quart model.

Ice Retention

The ability of a cooler to hold ice is a very important consideration when purchasing a cooler. Standard coolers are known to retain ice for up to 24 hours.

Orca coolers are designed to be able to hold ice for up to seven days in warm surroundings and can exceed in cooler climates. Yeti coolers also have excellent insulation and are reported to hold ice for up to five days.


This is the factor determining the ability to retain ice. The Orca 20 qt cooler and other larger models have a 3 inch thick wall and 3 inch thick lid providing maximum insulation. Yeti 20 qt cooler has a 2 inch thick wall and 3 inch thick lid.

Color Options

While Orca coolers come in four color options – white, green, pin and tan, Yeti comes in three variations – tan, white and ice blue. If you purchase Orca coolers from Amazon, you can find more color choices like purple and orange.


Orca is a cooler brand offering a lifetime warranty on the models. In case of any damage or malfunction of parts, the brand repairs or replaces the unit. Yeti offers a limited warranty of five years which is amazing but Orca does better at this.

Manufacturing Locations

Orca Coolers are made exclusively in the United States while Yeti manufactures its coolers in the Philippines.


Though both the cooler brands offer competitive prices on their models, Orca coolers are comparatively cheaper than Yeti by at least $10.

Considering the similarities and differences, Orca seems to have the upper hand in most respects. With durable, sturdy construction, ease of use, excellent ice retention and insulation and convenient design, Orca coolers can be best recommended for most people looking for an affordable, high-quality cooler. Lifetime warranty and a wide range of accessories make Orca further recommendable.

How Many Cans Will A 26 Quart Cooler Hold?

How Many Cans Will A 26 Quart Cooler Hold?With a large number of coolers available in the market in different sizes and capacity, users are often overwhelmed and find it difficult choosing the right product matching their requirements and applications.

People have various questions regarding which type of the cooler works the best in different scenarios, which coolers are the most durable, which one retains ice for the longest and how many cans will a 26 quart cooler hold.

The number of cans accommodated by a 26 quart cooler depends on some factors. However, it should hold approximately 20 cans with ice conveniently. Without ice, the cooler should be able to hold 36 cans when stored snugly.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this Orca 20 Qt Cooler Review helps you get some confidence in the Orca brand and lets you decide if the model would work for you. The models from Yeti are also excellent options but what sets Orca apart is the improved ice retention and lifetime warranty. Both are great cooler brands and it is up to you which cooler you choose. Do share whether you prefer Orca or Yeti!

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