Ninja Vs Vitamix - Top Commercial Kitchen Blenders Review

Ninja vs Vitamix – Top Commercial Kitchen Blenders Review

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2019)

Ninja vs Vitamix – Which Blender is Better?

ninja kitchencheck price on amazon

check price on amazon

Vitamix and Ninja are the two leading kitchen blender manufacturers. But the two offer very different price points. Ninja’s blenders are more affordable than the Vitamix, but when choosing Vitamix, these are high-end restaurant blenders meant to handle the needs of a personal or commercial kitchen.

We’re seeing some commercial kitchens include Ninja models, mainly the CT810 high speed blender due to its quick blending and large capacity.

Vitamix has an array of blenders, and their top-tier models are in some of the largest restaurants in the world. Yet the Vitamix 748 is the closest model to the CT810 in the company’s lineup, and it’s a lower-tier Vitamix.

Vitamix 748, 64-Ounce Drink Machine Review

Vitamix’s 748 is the model that is closest to the Ninja CT810. Offering a 64-ounce capacity, this model runs on a 2 HP motor and comes with two-speed options for maximum performance. When compared to other commercial blenders, the 748 is up to 5 times faster.

Designed to resist overheating, the 2 HP motor can work through extra thick ingredients without excess heat being produced.

Lower temperatures are able to keep all of the nutrients in the drink with as little degradation as possible.

Smart product design allows the Drink Machine to blend through cubed ice in seconds, and the thermally-protected motor will last longer and handle heavier loads better than the CT810. The container’s design is meant to push ingredients to the blades more efficiently, too.

Capable of back-to-back blends, this model is seen in many busy bars  and restaurants thanks to the reliability and intuitive controls.

Low speed controls are ideal for thicker, harder ingredients, including ice. High speeds make quick work out of softer ingredients and fruits. A tamper is included to allow for an easier time and more flexibility when working with dense recipes, such as fruit smoothies or acai bowls, without needing to stop the machine in the process.

Ingredients can be added while the blender is in operation thanks to the removable lid plug.


  • Fast and powerful motor makes quick work of soft and hard ingredients.
  • Motor is thermally protected to keep nutrient levels high and reduce damage to the motor.
  • Can handle back-to-back blending without overheating.


  • Lacks numerous speed options that are ideal for personal use blenders

Designed for commercial usage, Vitamix may seem to offer fewer advanced features, but the blenders often include stronger motors and better overall longevity when compared to personal blenders.

The little additions, such as a thermally-protected motor, allow Vitamix to out-perform similar blenders without damage to the motor in the process.

But how does it compare to Ninja’s Chef CT810?

Ninja Chef CT810 High-Speed Blender Review

Ninja CT810 check price on amazon

Ninja’s Chef CT810 features a 1500-watt base and offers a 64-ounce maximum liquid capacity pitcher. The Chef comes with a 24-ounce double-walled tumbler, a to-go tumbler, and a 35-recipe inspiration guide.

The lid is ventilated, and there are several speeds to choose from.

Complete variable speed allows for 7,000 – 18,000 RPM in manual mode. Ten manual mode speeds along with variable speed controls allow users to customize their blender’s settings. Auto-IQ programs are also offered, and these 10 pre-set options allow users to take the guesswork out of making drinks.

When it comes time to clean the pitcher, it’s as simple as running the Clean Program with a dab of dish soap and hot water.

It’s that easy.

All components and attachments are BPA-free.

Next-generation blades are included to quickly blend through the toughest materials with ease. Fast and efficient, the blades are sharp and the motor is powerful, allowing the CT810 to quickly blend all ingredients without slowing or jamming in the process.

What can you make with this model?

  • Smoothies
  • Juice
  • Desserts
  • Nut milk
  • Nut butter

Keep in mind that there are only slight differences between the CT805, CT810 and CT815 models. The CT810 comes with a single serve cup, while the CT815 comes with another single serve attachment.

But the base unit is the same.


  • Powerful, versatile blender
  • 10 speed options controlled through LCD
  • 10 pre-set options
  • Recipe book and easy cleaning


  • Noisy

The biggest concern with the Ninja is that it’s a very noisy machine. And while a great choice for personal use, it’s not the same quality or craftsmanship that a Vitamix unit can offer.

The best Ninja blenders are still meant more for personal use and can’t compare to a large capacity commercial blender.

Which one is the right choice for your needs?

ninja vs vitamix blenders - which is better?

It depends.

When considering affordability, Ninja offers the better price and has great features that are meant for personal use.

In general, Ninja will be the go-to choice for moderate usage and home use.

But in terms of longevity, Vitamix develops their blenders from the ground up to last longer and stand up to commercial use.

Anyone planning to use their blender daily or in heavy-use situations will find that the Vitamix offers more power and better longevity than even the best Ninja model.

Ninja vs Vitamix - Top Commercial Kitchen Blenders Review

Vitamix and Ninja offer the world’s leading blenders, but which model is best? We take a look at two comparable units to see which brand is a good fit for daily use.

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