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Krups Hopsy Review – UPDATED 2021 – Innovative Mini Kegerator

Last Updated on November 18, 2020 by Jerry Boyce

Fresh beer is not exactly as easy to make as coffee, which means you’ll most likely have to buy it from the store. You can be saved the trouble of actually going to get it yourself with the Hopsy craft beer delivery service, but keeping them fresh and tasting like it does straight from the tap can be a challenge.

That’s when Hopsy had an idea!

Teaming up with Krups (a Nestle Nespresso hardware partner), they combined the convenience of coffee makers with their existing beer delivery services. Thus, the hometap was born, which is essentially a kegerator and Keurig combined. How does it work exactly? Well, you’ll still have to get your beers delivered, only the hometap can store your beer and refrigerate it in such a way that it maintains its freshness and is supposed to taste just like it does from tap when you pour. You can store up to 2 litres of beer in it that can last up to 2 weeks!

That’s a pretty long lifespan as compared to just leaving it in a mini fridge. How does it work you ask? Well, you start off by ordering for the Hometap bottle from Hopsy, and opening and slotting it into the Hometap. From there, just connect the tube from the bottle to the tap and allow it to refrigerate.

Easy, huh? It definitely gets rid of the problem of stale beer, but how well does it work? We are going to take a look at the Krups-Hopsy joint Hometap project and tell you all that you need to know before reaching for your wallet.

Krups Hopsy Review - TOP Alternatives

Krups Hopsy Review - What You Should Know

If you’re thinking about the previous description with tubes and huge 2 litre bottles making a scene in your kitchen, worry not. The Hometap system is a pretty addition to any room it’s a part of. Its sleep black design makes it look like a high-tech beer barrel that your local bartender certainly wishes they had. It also weighs around 15 pounds when not filled up which makes it pretty portable if you feel like moving it around from time to time.

Of course, it is not a simple beer barrel, and so it comes with incredibly helpful diagram directions to help you navigate through this alien device. When you get to actually pouring your beer into the barrel and waiting for it to refrigerate, you’ll see a green light alerting you when your beer is thoroughly chilled and ready to be served. You may hear a strange sound coming from the machine as you pour, but we’re pretty sure it’s normal, so don’t worry.

So we know that it’s nice to look at and that it’s pretty easy to use, but does it work? And by that we mean, how good is the beer? Does it actually taste like it does straight from the tap in the pub? We had to put it to the test.

The results differed from person to person. Some thoroughly loved the beer and though it was just the right temperature and had good flavour. Others thought it wasn’t as carbonated as they would have liked, and probably not as chilled. The complaints weren’t anything too bad though, and it seems that everyone more or less enjoyed their beer.

Did it really last for two weeks?

After a week of letting the beer sit in the tap, we decided to give it another go, and it was… not good. Well the intensity of its goodness (or lack thereof) may differ from person to person, though the overall consensus was that it was too bitter and not cold enough. So if you use the Hometap anytime soon, it would be best to guzzle it down before the end of the week.
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Hopsy Beer Cost

This mini kegerator itself costs a whopping [check on Amazon], though there are options of renting one out if you feel like purchasing one is an investment you’re not willing to make just yet. You could also keep a lookout for coupons! They tend to give out discounts for new customers. The 2 litre bottles come at a much more reasonable price than the individual bottles.

Hopsy Beer Club

If you’re loving this service and are sure to go running back for more, you should consider joining the Hopsy Beer Club! It’s basically a monthly program that offers you the option of renting a Hometap instead of purchasing one, and delivers two Hometap bottles to you once every four weeks for $59.99 a month. If this sounds interesting to you, make sure you’re willing to stick by it as they have a six-month minimum commitment period.

Final Words

If you’re the type to have friends over a lot, or are just a regular beer drinker and are tired of feeling that spark of annoyance you get whenever you open the fridge to find nothing there, it could be best to just go ahead and buy the Hometap.

It would certainly make your life a lot easier! It’s definitely an added bonus that Hopsy has a great variety of beers for you to choose from. If you would prefer never leaving your home again for some nice cold beer, the Hometap could be great for you.

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