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Is It Worth Investing In A Kegerator?

Last Updated on April 20, 2021 by Lin McFny

A Kegerator is nothing but a refrigerator whose interior design is usually altered to make space for storing beer kegs.  This process of storing beer kegs ensures that beer remains fresh and carbonated for a longer period of time.

Beer can be stored in this way at home and small restaurants for a longer period for a month or two. Beer usually loses its flavour and does not taste good if it is not carbonated or stored at lower temperatures according to people who love to drink this beverage.

These kegerators can be also built at homes using simple materials. Many people build a kegerator at home itself using old refrigerators in order to stock huge amounts of beer.

Size plays a vital role in choosing the right kegerator. A kegerator requires about two to three square feet of floor space. A kegerator should be big enough to hold a beer keg. While others offer a portable one, as long as it stays in class, otherwise it is not worth buying it.

Some kegerators also come with a draft tower on top which measure slightly higher than the conventional kegerator. One should keep this mind while allotting a space for the kegerator.

You should keep the kegerator in a place where it is easily accessible. It is difficult to shift a half barrel keg from one place to another especially if you decide to place the kegerator upstairs or in the basement.

A good kegerator is one that can keep the beer chilled at an exact temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Many brands are available in the market these days. Each of them come with varied price tags and have multiple other features as well. You should be careful enough to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Kegerators are available in different colours and shapes. These are designed in such a way that it suits the aesthetics of a home. Unique outdoor kegerators are also available for people who wish to place their kegerators outdoors.

Kegerators are quite helpful in saving money as well. You need not have to run to the market every time you invite some guests over to buy beer. You can buy a keg and store it for a long time. Some people have even reported using a single keg for 6 months by storing it in a kegerator. You can host parties without much stress as fresh beer is always available in kegerator.

Also one does not have to deal with the cleaning up of empty beer cans and bottles after a party.

A refrigerator can be converted into a kegerator as mentioned before. A keg refrigerator conversion kit is also available for this purpose.

But buying a new kegerator definitely has its benefits. For one, it will look good when placed at home instead of a revamped old fridge. Not to mention, new kegerators will come with a warranty too in case of any issues.

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