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Ice Maker Troubleshooting

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2019)

Is your ice maker not working the way it was supposed to? Are you having trouble with it because you have no idea how you are going to fix it? Are you having doubts as to whether it is broken or if you can still do something about it? Here are some troubleshooting solutions to help you out.

Does not make ice

If the water’s block and it won’t make ice, what you should do is to make sure the bail wire is in the right position. Also, try to check your water supply line because it might be that there is an interruption preventing the water from flowing. You should also try to check the tap valve. If all else is okay, the solenoid can also be a problem so look on it too.

Does not turn off

In case the problem is that your icemaker does not turn off, you need to lift the bail wire. If it still doesn’t, it might be time to consider replacing the valve or the ice maker itself.

Frozen up

To thaw up a frozen ice maker, unplug the ref, find your fill tube and warm up the hose and the mechanism surrounding it. You can even use a hairdryer.

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