Home Brew Ohio Mini Keg Review – UPDATED 2019 – Instructions & Supplies

Home Brew Ohio Mini Keg Review

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2019)

Mini Keg Review – UPDATED 2019

Home Brew Ohio Mini Keg
  • 5 liter keg
  • Slide out easy Gravity tap in the bottom
  • 2 piece bung included

Every week there is a new brewing kit or kegerator that hits the market and boasts remarkable new features that make the process of brewing beer much easier than before. These kits claim to be superior than their competitors in every way, when in reality most of them don’t get the work done as easily as they claim to, and in some cases, not at all!

This is why it is important to go back to the tried and tested methods of brewing beer and storing them, methods and techniques which have been used for decades by beer enthusiasts all over the globe. Home Brew Ohio is a company that is bringing back the simple nature of brewing beer and storing it. In this article, we’re going to be analyzing in detail the Home Brew Ohio Mini Kegerator, the Home Brew Ohio Brewing Kit, and the process of beer brewing.


Being one of the cheapest, simplistic, and functional mini-kegerators on the market, the Home Brew Ohio mini-keg is definitely worth the price. Stylistically minimal and appealing, with the metal being silver brushed, this mini-keg has a small cap at the top for you to fill it up and a dispenser at the bottom for filling up your cups.

It does not require any additional effort on the part of the customer and is easy to carry around, with the capacity of the keg being 5 liters. It is, in our opinion, the perfect mini-kegerator for parties and outdoor happenings since it is purposeful and functional, while staying portable and stylish at the same time.

The Home Brew Ohio Brewing Kit also boasts a lot of simplistic yet functional strengths. It is moderately priced and easy to use, both of which are essential for people who are only dipping their toes in the world of beer brewing. The instructions to use the kit are clear and simple, and it also has all of the cleaning accessories and equipments included in the kit.


Like all great things, it’s inevitable that this kegerator and brewing kit have their cons attached to their pros. While they’re both amazing products which are definitely worth the buy, there are some difficulties about them that need to be addressed.

Due to its low price point, the Home Brew Ohio Mini Keg lacks the ability to use pressurised carbon dioxide to foam up your beer and/or make craft beer, a feature which a lot of mid-range mini kegerators have. This keg, however, is mainly for storage purposes, so if you’re looking for a mini keg that will give you the perfect pint of craft beer after a long day at work, it would be advisable to look elsewhere.

The brewing kit has some shortfalls to its name as well. While the low price point is great for new brewers, their lack of experience in beer brewing would mean a lack of equipment as well. This means that they would need to buy additional items, which are not available with the kit, to make the brewing process easier, and the make the brew the best it can be.

Some of these items include; a five-gallon kettle to ferment your beer in, a thermometer, a hydrometer tube, funnel, etc.

The kit also lacks any recipes for beer brewing, so you’re going to have to look for them yourself as well.

Home Brew Ohio Instructions

Home Brew Ohio Instructions

There are a lot of different ways to brew beer with the Home Brew Ohio brewing kit, and although there are no recipes present with the kit itself, the kit presents the consumer with a clear manual of instructions regarding the use of the brewing kit.

This manual tells you how to use the tools present in the kit and how to clean and store them, so as to keep the longevity of the kit. The brewing kit comes with all the tools that are essential to brewing beer, and other accessories as well.

The home brewing kit contains a primary and secondary fermenter which can be used over and over until it depletes. The cleaning tools are also present within the kit, along with the carboy and fermenting bucket.

Ohio Brewing Supplies

The Ohio Home Brew company is based out of Sandusky, Ohio, and is an actual physical store that sells a lot more than just brewing kits and mini kegs. Being an extremely popular brand that has a wide-ranging audience, they have a wide range of products and supplies as well. Here are a few of their most popular supplies:

  1. Clear Bordeaux Wine Bottle (750 ml) Case of 12- $14.49
  2. 1 Gallon Glass Jug (Clear)- $5.99
  3. 5/16” siphon tubing, per feet- $0.35

Apart from these, they also offer a lot of other products such as beer additives, fermenters, bottles, recipe kits, malt extracts, etc. If you’re looking for grains and hops, the Ohio Home Brew has those too!

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