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18 Experts Sharing Tips On Picking The Best Counter Depth Refrigerator

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2019)

1. Clinton Milliken

Clinton Milliken

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A Answer-

After years of being a top reviewer for the Home Depot, I’ve had the chance to review many different makes and models of top line refrigerators. Some were under 1k, and some were over 4k, but for some strange reason, I would get more complaints from readers relating to the more expensive units than I would on the cheapies. Today I would like to help you avoid some of the mistakes that I have seen so many others make when shopping for a fridge, and what you should look at before making your next purchase.

Tip #1 – Read the reviews:

It doesn’t matter if you are buying a refrigerator, purchasing a phone or looking for a new hip restaurant to take your friends to, it’s a good chance that that item has a review or two somewhere on Google. Reviews are the #1 marketing strategy today when it comes to selling products. Reviews really don’t cost the company anything, and if it’s a positive review, it can help sell unit after unit after unit for as long as the unit is still available.

A perfect example of this is Amazon. As a long to Prime Member, and a top 1,000 reviewer, I always look at reviews before I spend a single penny on a product. If the item has good reviews, I won’t hesitate to buy it, but if the item has one bad review after another, I’m gone.

Before purchasing a new refrigerator, look at the positive and the negative reviews on the one you are planning to buy.

Tip #2 – Don’t buy it just because it looks nice:

Is it pretty? That’s the first question my wife will ask no matter what the product is. Many people decide to drop a load of cash on a new refrigerator just because it has a few pretty blue lights and it comes in stainless, but it’s not the looks of the refrigerator that will keep your meats fresh and the vegies crisp. Look at functionality of the refrigerator that you are planning to buy, and make sure it will fit your needs rather than how shiny it is.

Tip #3 – Filter Replacement

The replacement filter is how much!? The printer machine manufactures were genius for coming up with this little trick. You’ve seen it; you find an awesome computer printer at the store and wonder why or how it can be sold at such a great price only to find out that a replacement ink cartridge will cost you just as much as the printer did.

When looking for a new refrigerator, do some research on the type, size and price of replacement filter that you will need to replace every three months. I personally go on Amazon and look for the generic filters as they cost about half the price and work just as well.

Tip #4 Will it match?

Many times something looks much better in the store than it does in your home, but what many may not think about is will it match my other appliances? I’m not talking about buying a black refrigerator when you have all white appliances; I’m talking about the stainless steel. Many consumers think because their Samsung dish washer is stainless, a stainless Maytag refrigerator will match it perfectly. That cannot be any further than the truth, and your new refrigerator may stick out like a sore thumb.

Different manufactures use different gauges, designs and steel manufactures, and also use different stamping tools to form the shapes of the steel, along with different finishing techniques. Every step in the manufacturing stage plays a huge role in how your appliance will look in your kitchen, and if you don’t go with the same brand, they will look completely different from one another.

Tip #5 – How cold does it get?

I have two different Samsung refrigerators, and each have positives and negatives. The biggest complaint that I have with one of the refrigerators is that it only goes down to 42 degrees, but the other goes to 38. You would not think that 4 degrees is that big of a deal, but trust me it is.

The refrigerator that goes to 38 degrees gets my soda, milk and water right to that perfectly chilled level where everything stays cold and refreshing. The other only gets my drinks semi-cold, and drives me insane on hot days as my drinks just never seem cold enough. Make sure to know how cold the refrigerator and the freezer will get, and don’t overlook the deep freeze option and rapid cool/freeze modes that many of the newer models have.

Tip #6 – Knowing when to buy

Buying a refrigerator is not a cheap endeavor. Even though you will drop a nice chunk of change for a new model, there are a few times during the year that you may take less of a hit.

July is one of the best times to make a refrigerator purchase as everyone is outside cooking on the grill. The manufactures know that they are going to sell fewer appliances in the summer, so they always have a July, 4th sale somewhere. Not only that, if you decide to buy a bundle package (Range, Dish Washer, Microwave) at the same time, they will probably give you a great discount if you buy all from the same brand.

The other time to buy these big ticket items are in November and December as everyone is trying to push their products to those ready to make their favorite Christmas cookies, and host family dinners around the holidays.

Tip #7 – Does it fit your needs?

The most important thing to keep in mind before you purchase your new refrigerator is it needs to work for you. I understand that you want to impress your friends with the newest and shiniest toy, but when they all go home at the end of the day, you are the one who is stuck with it.

A few things to consider:

  1. Is it large enough to keep a week’s worth of food in it for the family
  2. Can I put a gallon or two of milk in it without it busting at the seams, and can I stand a 2 litter up in it.
  3. Does it have a middle drawer for the kids to keep their snacks in? Is it easy for them to reach?
  4. Do the shelves fold up so I can place a sauce pot in it?
  5. Are the drawers easy to move/slide, or will I be fumbling around every time I want a Popsicle?

At the end of the day, you need a refrigerator that works for you and your family, but still fits the style of your kitchen. Look at reviews, check out the spec and most importantly, go to the store and put your hands on it before you make the buy. You test drive a car before you buy it right?

2. Denny Conner

Denny Conner

Bio – Denny Conner has been helping greater Seattle homeowners transform their homes through remodeling since 1980. Realizing there was often a gap between the designs clients brought him and what they could afford, he helped pioneer the design-build service in the early 1990s. He founded his company with the goal of establishing a home remodeling business that treats its customers with dignity and respect. CRD Design Build is continually improving the home remodeling process from start to finish, with the goal of transforming our clients’ homes to fit the way they want to live.

A Answer-

When choosing a counter-depth refrigerator, look for one with an excellent organization system inside since you will have less overall volume. If space permits, choose a taller model to partially make up for the lack of depth. Finally, measure and plan carefully to ensure that the refrigerator door has room to open fully. If your kitchen is small, consider choosing a French door model that does not require as much door-swing area. We like the German brand Liebherr for its clean lines and smart storage options. The LED illumination inside the refrigerators makes your food easy to find and look great.

3. Andrea Palten

Andrea Palten

Bio – Andrea Palten is Head of Marketing & Operations at Big Chill

A Answer-

When picking a smaller fridge that is counter depth, make it count!!! Our Slim fridge is designed for smaller spaces and features a vintage appeal in fun colors to brighten up any kitchen. We think of a fridge as a statement piece, even if it’s only 24″. Use a well designed fridge to sweeten the look of your city loft, tuck it into your tiny house kitchenette, or garner your guests’ praises in a man cave.

4. Greenstonepsl


A Answer-

Often space is the key criteria to a kitchen remodel project (trumped often by budget). However I am always a fan of installing fully integrated appliances as they waste less space and make the finish of your kitchen so more sleeker. Two of the most important features of choosing a new refrigerator are its energy efficiency rating and the ratio of fridge to freezer space. If you are someone who likes to eat more ‘fresh’ food as opposed to frozen, then buying a refrigerator with a higher ratio of space for the fridge is key. Conversely, the opposite is true.

5. Hagop


Bio – Hagop is a kitchen designer at Apico kitchens.

A Answer-

A  lot of the same tips for buying a regular fridge apply to buying a counter depth fridge. That said I always let clients know to buy a wider counter depth fridge than they think they need; if the space permits. because of the reduced depth of the fridge, you’re typically loosing between 2-3 cubic feet on 36-inch fridge vs a 36 inch counter depth fridge.

6. Kitchen Magic

Kitchen Magic

Bio – Since 1979 Kitchen Magic’s team of experts have designed, manufactured & installed more than 60,000 beautiful kitchens. Helping homeowners and remodeling kitchens is our passion.

A Answer-

The debate over standard-depth vs. counter-depth refrigerators is simple: aesthetics vs. capacity. Counter-depth refrigerators are between 23 and 27 deep, while a standard refrigerator measures between 30 to 34 deep. Homeowners seeking sole visual appeal or have a galley kitchen should opt for counter depth. This alleviates the fridge jutting out significantly further than the countertop-creating an eye-sore. The standard fridge, (30-34) full capacity tends to look odd, when it doesn’t align with the countertop, which is typically 24-26.5: deep. Feeding a big family or cooking enthusiasts many need the additional storage.

If you are opting for a counter-depth fridge select a model that has a lot of organization options, allowing for more capacity in a different form. Kitchen-Aid and LG both have a vast selection of countertop-depth fridges with drawers and movable dividers, creating custom storage, thus more capacity. We gave the KitchenAid KRFF305E 5 stars for capacity, durability and fashion.

7. Scott Jenkins

Scott Jenkins

Bio- Scott is the editor and occasional writer for his wife’s website Architypes. Scott holds a degree in Architectural Engineering and is a terrible amateur photographer that won’t stop taking pictures. When he’s not writing or taking pictures he’s spending time with his family or searching for good science fiction flicks to watch on Netflix.

A Answer-

My wife and I bought a counter depth refrigerator about 18 months ago, here’s what we learned.

To get the best price on a new shallow refrigerator you’ll want to keep an eye out for manufacturers rebates. The best way to stay informed about what rebates are available is to sign up for every local retailers mailing list that you can. They’ll keep you current on what sales they currently have going on as well as what rebates the manufacturers are currently offering. We bought new appliances for our kitchen just last year and were able to get a manufacturers rebate that saved us $500. The appliances were also on sale bringing our total savings up to about $800 for the set.

You’ll find that your local stores will be having sales regularly but they typically will have their best prices in the late spring and through the early part of the summer. This is because manufacturers release their new products in the spring so your local store needs to move older models off the sales floor to make room for the new models that are being shipped to them.

8. Dhruv Kar

Dhruv Kar

Bio – Dhruv Kar does marketing for Stoneland, a natural stone supplier headquartered in St. Louis, MO.

A Answer-

So, you’ve picked out your new granite countertops and your excitement is over the top! But how does the old fridge fit in with the new countertop? Does it fit in? Or does it jut out, both physically and aesthetically? We’ll explore how to choose a counter depth refrigerator that makes sense for your situation.


If you’re reading this, then you already know that a counter depth refrigerator (CDR) is 24-26 inches deep rather than a “standard” refrigerator’s 30+ inches. However, this depth number is only part of the story. The given 24-26 inches is just the refrigerator box. In addition, you need to account for the 3/8 to 1 inch clearance in the back for cords and cooling. You’ll also need to account for doors and the handles. This brings the total depth closer to 30 inches. If you want the sleekness these refrigerators promise, measure all dimensions before purchasing!


Generally speaking, counter depth refrigerators are smaller in capacity than their standard cousins. Usually, you’ll find CDRs that range from 15 to 25 cubic feet, while standard refrigerators are between 22 to 31 cubic feet. This can matter a little or a lot, depending on your situation. I’ve known couples that get by with a mini fridge!


You’ll pay more for the sleekness a counter depth refrigerator provides. It gives your kitchen a more streamlined look. This comes at a cost. Specifically $1000 or more. One way to determine whether a fridge you’re considering is worth it, is figure out your dollar per capacity. Comparing that to your existing fridge let you make a decision with hard numbers. Although, there are some things you can’t put a price on!

Large kitchen appliances fulfill two purposes – fashion and function. So your new counter depth refrigerator should complement the overall theme you’re trying to create.

Does it complement the style and color of your cabinets, flooring, granite countertops, and walls? Does it help create the mood you’re going for? Don’t let the choices overwhelm you and this can be a fun process. Good luck and do share your project with us!

9. Cristina Miguelez

Cristina Miguelez

Bio – My name is Cristina, and I’m the content manager at Fixr.com, a home remodeling information website that provides cost guides, comparisons, and term cheatsheets for hundreds of remodeling, installation and repair projects.

A Answer-

How to choose the best counter depth refrigerator ?

Refrigerators are integral to every kitchen design, and they come in many different configurations. If you plan on building your refrigerator into your cabinet run to complete the room’s working triangle, you’ll need what’s known as a counter depth fridge. This means that the refrigerator will not extend past the countertop, but will create a flush line, ideal for paneling.

Your first consideration should be to the configuration of the fridge. You can have a side-by-side or a top and bottom model. Side by sides are becoming increasingly common, but they do limit the width of the items you can put into them.

Your next consideration is the total width. While your fridge is constrained by the depth of the counter, you may have room to play around with width, particularly in new designs. The wider you can go, the more options you’ll have for configuration and function for the fridge.

Finally, door swing is your next consideration. Do you have room on either side for the fridge to fully extend its doors. If the answer is no on one side, you may want to go with a freezer on top model so that both doors open to the same side.

From there, energy efficiency, finish – ideally the fridge should match the other appliances unless being paneled – and extras come into play. Having water on the door, smart appliance options or better control over temperature can all make the fridge more user-friendly, but all are options best left up to the user.


10. Paul M. DeFeis

Paul DeFeis

Bio – Paul DeFeis is a Senior Managing Partner with over eighteen years of extensive experience in Residential Design.

A Answer-

Counter Depth Fridge: As a Home Remodeling Contractor in NJ, we find the best way to choose a counter depth fridge is to pay close attention to the style of the door handles, that’s because they need to match the other appliances should you not choose all the same brand/manufacturer.

11. Amir J. Ilin

Amir J. Ilin

Bio – Amir J. Ilin, the president of Küche+Cucina, a design firm he started in 1986. Ilin’s work has been featured on HGTV, DIY, The Apprentice and several other TV shows and movies. Ilin’s designs appeared in numerous national publications, on many national magazine covers and he is the recipient of numerous national design awards. Ilin was chosen to design and supply the cabinetry for the NYC Plaza Hotel, Harvard Architectural School dorms, as well as many luxury apartment buildings in the NY Metro are. Küche+Cucina’s product selection is second to none – their large showrooms are featuring the finest products from around the world.

A Answer-

There are so many refrigerators to choose from now a day’s, that’s it’s important to do your homework, before making a decision.

First, visit a good store that sells the full range of counter depth refrigerators, so you can understand what options are available in the market today.

Next, decide on a budget – counter depth refrigerators start at a little over $1,000 and can go to $20,000. or more, depending on brands, options and combinations of units. It’s important to do this early, so you don’t waste your time looking at units that are way above your budget.

Then you need to make a ‘wish list’ of the features and benefits that are important to you:
Choose the right size – is 36” enough? Do you prefer a 48” unit? How about a full fridge and a full freezer next to it? These are just a few of the available sizes.

Decide on the look – do you want a paneled fridge, or even one that looks just like a cabinet (fully integrated), or do you prefer stainless (or another non-paneled color)?

Hopefully, by now, you’ve narrowed it down to a few options and it’s time to make a decision. Yes, Sub Zero, Miele, Gaggenau, etc. are all great and offer some very unique features, but what if they are not on your final-list? There aren’t too many unknown brands in the market today. Decide based on what you like and feels right – usually, if it feels cheap, it probably is… If you’re on a tight budget, try to get a package – some brands will offer a discounted price, if you buy several appliances from them.

Remember – unlike a car, you’re not going to be able to trade-in your fridge, so take your time and choose wisely!

12. Jason Parsons

Jason Parsons

Bio – Jason Parsons is a project designer and specializes in Kitchens. He earned his Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler designation in 2013 from NARI.

A Answer-

Because of their size and frequency of use, refrigerators are generally a focal point in the kitchen. If you have decided on a counter depth unit, there are several factors to consider when choosing the best model for you. First, most people do not realize that only the body of the refrigerator is counter depth. Doors and handles extend beyond the counter. In addition, the hinges are designed to have the doors open outside of the refrigerator width. You need to ensure that there is enough clearance to open the doors a minimum of 90° from the refrigerator not only to access your food, but to remove all drawers for regular cleaning. This will require anywhere from 3” – 6” on each side of the unit. Be sure to choose one that will work with the space that you have.

The next choice for counter depth refrigerators is which style best suits you and your family. The two most common styles right now are side-by-side and French door/freezer drawer. While French Door models will give you a little more space in the refrigerator, side-by-side models will give you more efficient freezer storage compared to the drawer in French door units. The drawback to the side-by-side freezer is storing large items like a frozen turkey or ham. Both options are efficient in the kitchen space since the doors are only roughly half of the unit width, allowing more room in the kitchen then doors that are the full width of the refrigerator.

Although not limited to counter depth refrigerators, there are a few additional items to consider when choosing a refrigerator of any kind. Water and ice makers can be mounted either inside the refrigerator or on the door’s exterior. While internal water and ice make for a clean, sleek look on the outside, they require the door to be open when filling a glass and are not as efficient. If your family frequently fills up on water and ice, an external set up is probably best for you. Lastly, consider the finish and hardware. Whether you are purchasing a new refrigerator as part of a complete appliance suite or replacing an old unit, make sure the finish and handles match. Not all stainless or color finish is the same, and some models use curved low-profile handles while others use ones that are more pronounced and commercial looking. Mixing finishes and style can affect the look of some of the best designed kitchens!

13. Matthias Alleckna

Matthias Alleckna

Bio – Matthias Alleckna, an energy analyst at EnergyRates.ca

A Answer-

When shopping for a counter-depth refrigerator, it is highly important to pay attention to energy efficiency. The larger your refrigerator, the bigger its energy consumption, so it’s a good idea to check the Energy Star label on your new product. Energy Star is a voluntary program used by governments to rate the energy efficiency of electronic devices. By replacing your old refrigerator with a new Energy Star-certified refrigerator, you could potentially save more than $270 over the next five years. You’ll be reducing your impact on the environment, and on your wallet too.

If you are concerned about aesthetics and convenience, don’t worry! Energy efficiency is all about comfort and innovation. Most of the big brands try to launch energy-efficient products nowadays, so you won’t have to give up on owning one those beautiful counter-depth refrigerators you see in magazines. Think of this way: You will help both your house and the world to look great, says Matthias Alleckna, an energy analyst at EnergyRates.ca, a website that helps users find the best deals when comparing energy companies and their rates.

14. Trim Design Co.

Trim Design Co

Bio – Trim Design Co. is a boutique eDesign firm founded by Jen Dulac and Annabel  Joy. Jen & Annabel met while working at a full-service interior design firm  in Boston where they bonded over a mutual love of kilim loafers and the  hunt for the perfect vintage piece. Trim is the only eDesign firm  incorporating vintage and artisanal items into every design, creating homes  steeped in individuality.

A Answer-

In reference to your query on how to choose the best counter depth  refrigerator, I can speak to the various factors a consumer should consider  such as dimensions, style, storage, energy efficiency, and cost. For  example, conventional refrigerators can be as deep as 36 inches, while  counter depth models are typically 30 inches or less in depth. In order to  make up for the lost space, counter depth models are often wider or taller  than traditional models, which may impact the cabinet layout if a homeowner  is remodeling a kitchen that has previously housed a conventional fridge.

The consumer should also consider how they will be using the fridge- many  counter depth models have freezer drawers on the bottom that don’t pull out very far and might not be practical for families that do a significant amount of meal prep. Another consideration is energy efficiency. French door models save energy by allowing for only one door to be used, thus reducing the workload of the cooling system, but these doors need room to  swing open and won’t work for all kitchen layouts. Glass doored models are popular, but aren’t a great option if you store a lot of leftovers and  prefer a clean, minimalist look in the kitchen. There are lots of details  to consider such as whether you want a freezer on the top, bottom, or side,  as well as options like water filters, ice makers, and appearance. Refrigerators with custom paneling to match the cabinetry are becoming  increasingly popular, especially in traditional and more formal homes.

15. Kimberly Peck

Kimberly Peck

Bio –Kimberly Peck Architect is a boutique architecture firm specializing in residential and hospitality projects.

A Answer-

The reason to choose a counter depth refrigerator over a traditional refrigerator is to better integrate with the kitchen cabinetry. Many of the decisions that effect which counter depth refrigerator works best in a project have to do with degree of integration the appliance has with the cabinetry. It is important to note that different manufacturers have different definitions of counter depth which may effect the overall look one is trying to achieve. Standard kitchen cabinetry is 24” deep so to have a refrigerator that is flush with the adjacent cabinets and truly counter depth it is important that the total depth of the unit including the door is 24” or less. Many manufacturers state the refrigerator as counter depth when the main refrigerator cabinet is 24” deep exclusive of the door. While still a more integrated look then tradition refrigerators, the doors of these models are not flush with the adjacent cabinetry and can protude up to 3 or 4” past the counter. Material selection of the door is another decision that effects the degree of integration of counter depth refrigerators with the adjacent cabinetry. If the goal is to have a minimal look where the appliances blend seamlessly with the cabinetry then one would want to select a panel ready refrigerator. Alternatively if one wants the appliances to be distinct from the cabinetry one can choose stainless steel or even the new matte black that many of the appliance companies are offering. A final and important functional decision to consider when choosing a counter depth refrigerator is the amount of storage that is required. As counter depth refrigerators are less deep they provide less interior cubic feet of storage then conventional refrigerators of the same width. Many manufacturers offset this by creating taller units. It is important to evaluate the storage capacity of individual models, it may be necessary to chose a wider counter depth refrigerator to get the same amount of storage as the deeper traditional counterparts.

16. Benjamin Andres

Benjamin Andres

Bio – Benjamin Andres started his architectural education in 1998, when he joined the Buero fuer Organisches Bauen in Ehlingen, Germany to become an Architectural Draftsman. The office focuses on high performance, environmentally friendly buildings, such as low-energy houses, passive houses and plus-energy houses. Benjamin graduated in 2000 and moved to Stuttgart to begin his architecture studies at the University of Stuttgart. He received a Master of Architecture degree in 2005. Before starting his own firm in 2017, Benjamin worked at BWArchitects and OPUS.AD, overseeing a variety of projects in both the high-end residential and commercial sector. His work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and Domino.

A Answer-

How to choose the best counter-depth refrigerator

The idea, when choosing a counter depth refrigerator, is to have a more streamlined look that is very pleasing to the eye. This design style is available with all types of refrigerators: all refrigerator, bottom or top freezer, side-by-side and French door models.


Some counter-depth refrigerators are top mount models with the freezer on top, others are bottom mount, and some are side-by-side. Side-by-side models offer doors that require less clearance. Freezers on top put the freezer at eye level and the refrigerated items lower, while bottom mounted freezers reverse this, putting refrigerated items at eye level.
If you are looking for a stainless steel finish, please keep in mind that not all stainless steel finishes are the same. Some are darker, some are lighter. Whatever brand you choose should match already existing stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. For the most flexibility, a panel-ready refrigerator that accepts custom panels is ideal, as it allows you to use panels and handles that match your cabinetry.


One of the most popular features is having ice and water access in the door so you can get ice or water without having to open the refrigerator door. Consider a model with a water filter.


You should consider a refrigerator with a capacity of 18–22 cubic ft. for households with up to 3 people. For larger households, a capacity of 2226 cubic ft is the right size. Refrigerators should remain 2/3 full at all times to operate efficiently. If you do a lot of freezing or consume a lot of frozen foods, then don’t forget to consider the capacity of the freezer as well.


  • While you are thinking about capacity, you will also need to think about your storage needs as far as what items will need to fit:
  • If you drink a lot of canned beverages you may want a special rack, or a can dispenser.
  • If you want quick and easy access, look for pull-out or slide-out shelves
  • If you have many different sized items or occasionally need to fit in something extra large, adjustable shelves and half-shelves can maximize space and fit in taller items.
  • To better preserve vegetables, fruits or meats, bins with separate temperature controls can help control humidity and prevent premature spoilage.
  • Door bins are important to consider as well, especially if you want to store large soda bottles or a gallon of milk.

Operating Cost

While the MSRP is the deciding criteria for most people, it’s important to consider operating costs and energy efficiency as well. All appliances should have an energy efficiency label that can allow you to compare the annual energy usage and cost easily.

17. Julie Holzman

Julie Holzman

Bio – Julie Holzman founded Holzman Interiors in January of 1991 and incorporated it in 1993.

A Answer-

Before I get into how to choose the best counter depth refrigerator, I believe it is important to understand that a counter depth refrigerator simply means that the refrigerator doors will sit at the same depth of as the kitchen counters and cabinets. By choosing a counter depth refrigerator, one not only improves the look of the kitchen but also assures that refrigerator won’t intrude into kitchen work space.

One must consider various things like the size, the finish and the manufacturer before before buying a counter depth refrigerator. While these considerations seems equally essential for buying any refrigerator, it is extremely important that you choose survey these factors correctly. Choosing the wrong size for the refrigerator will completely fail the idea to have a refrigerator that sits flush with the kitchen counters. Also, while all major manufactures offer counter depth refrigerators, they offer a variety of finishes. In fact, some allow for custom panels, which means one can match the finish of the refrigerator to that of counters and cabinets. LG and Samsung offers unique modern finishes like cool gray and black which makes towards a modern high end design. If all these factors are carefully thought out one will be able to choose the best counter depth refrigerator for their kitchen and achieve a uniform, functional kitchen space.

18. Amanda Haytaian

Amanda Haytaian

Bio – Amanda Haytaian is the owner and lead designer at House of Cline Design, with over 13 years of experience in New Jersey, New York, Washington, D.C. and Miami. House of Cline Design is a full service design firm specializing in creating that perfect kitchen, bathroom, luxurious closet or custom built in for you and your lifestyle. Our design philosophy is to take your existing or new space, and add current design elements that also express your unique personality to create a more desirable and functional home for you and your family.

A Answer-

If the budget allows, I always go with an integrated counter depth refrigerator, such as Thermador or Sub-Zero. These brands are truly counter depth and when used with a custom panel have the appearance of being cabinetry. However, they come with a very large price tag. Thermador is my first choice because the price is slightly lower and they have a “Gift With Purchase” promotion where you will receive a free ventilation system or microwave drawer with the purchase of a refrigerator.

If integrated counter depth refrigeration is out of your budget, you can go with a less expensive brand such as Bosch, GE, Samsung or Kenmore, but the door will not sit flush with your cabinetry. These counter depth models are typically around 28” to 31” deep, not including the handle, and do not sit flush with your cabinetry. Some of these brands offer panel ready, but I usually go with stainless steel with this application so it doesn’t look like you missed the mark when the door protrudes beyond the cabinet frame.

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