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(DIY) Common Ice Maker Problems You Can Fix!

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2019)

When you want to have a lot of ice, you can always make it through your freezer. You can also just buy bags of ice that you can use, but this can be a bit expensive. The good thing is that you can always find and buy an ice maker. An ice maker may cost a bit, but you can use it for a long time as long as it doesn’t break down. Speaking of breaking down, there are times when your ice maker may seem like it is broken when it isn’t. Before you buy a new one you may want to refer to some of these moments where that could be the problem and how you can easily fix it.

When the ice maker is not making ice

This could be a case where you didn’t turn it on. It could also be a case where you didn’t put water into the ice maker. When there is no water, then the ice maker won’t work. Just make sure to inspect if the thing is plugged in and if the water is flowing into it unless you’re pouring it manually. If the ice making mechanism itself isn’t working due to it being damaged, then you can’t fix it by yourself.

The water is not flowing into the ice maker

There could be a couple of reasons for this. One reason is that the tube isn’t plugged in or positioned properly. Think of where the tube is hanging high, and the water isn’t able to reach the ice maker. Just position the tube correctly and make sure that the water is flowing through. It could also be a case where the water tube is clogged or leaking. Just change the tube or clean it if the issue is that the tube is clogged.

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The ice maker is not making as much ice as needs to

It could be a case where there isn’t enough water coming through. If you’re pouring it manually, then that is easier. That’s because if there isn’t enough water, then the only ice it can make is the water inside it. If the issue is with the parts that freeze the water, then it could be something more technical, and you may need to buy a new ice maker.

The ice maker is releasing electrical currents

This one can be tricky and a bit dangerous, you wouldn’t want to get shocked every time you use the ice maker. Before you use the ice maker, make sure that it is dry especially the electrical outlet. You can also check the wire and see if there are no tear marks or signs of loose wiring. You can easily alleviate this by putting electrical tape or by changing the wire entirely. Be sure to check the surrounding as well and make sure it isn’t wet.

Basic problems can occur when you’re using an ice maker, but you can fix it yourself when you can.

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