Della© Portable Electric Ice Maker Review

Della portable ice maker provides you the perfect ice and colors to your kitchen with its availability of different colors. You should go for this easily operated portable ice maker when you plan an outing or a small vacation trip with your family. With this product you don’t need any ice bags and the party can still be cool.

Product Features:

You should know the features that distinguish this portable ice maker from the other present in the market.

  • Different cube tray for different sizes
  • Efficient ice with modern compressor technology
  • Push buttons for easy operations
  • Bullet ice cubes at 26lbs rate per day
  • Alert and alarms for threshold limits


  • You can simply keep up to 1.5 lbs of ice in the tray itself and enjoy fresh ice in about 6 minutes. The see through lid is helpful in keeping an eye on the process and lets you determine when to close the machine. You will be alerted for maximum level of ice reached if you want more in the container. The product is certified and tested for you to use.


  • The product is not going to bother you much about anything except that the cubes can be wet sometimes and you may find them sticking together. But this is not much of an issue looking on the benefits of the product.

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You can simply go and buy the Della portable ice maker from my shop and it will never disappoint you. The best product is in terms of ice making and keeping it safe.

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