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Is the Popular Blender Your Best Blender?

It is a blending world and blenders are taking over kitchens! You need a blender to prepare smoothies, nut butter, soups, dressings, and baby food, don’t you? But, when tossed in a world of blenders, how do you pick the blender that will meet your needs?

As the saying goes, one man’s medicine is another man’s poison. What this means is that you cannot pick a blender because your friend has sung endless praises about it! Their needs, preferences, budget, and limitations differ from yours. So, the most popular blender may not be your best blender!

What to look for in your best blender:

  • Types

Would you rather a traditional countertop blender, a handheld blender, the personal bullet blender, or the top of the shelf, high-performance blender? Note that these blenders come with different limitations with the traditional and the handheld blenders being less economical. The pricing varies too! For a high-performance blender, you’ll have to part with a little more money than you would buying a bullet or a handheld blender.

  • Cleanup

A negligible number of people like cleaning dishes throughout the day. So, unless you are a part of the small percentage of the population, you need an easy-to- clean or a self-cleaning blender. So, is the jar dishwasher-safe? Does it have a few removable parts?

  • Operation

The current generation is wired to want things now. To keep up with this need, most high-end blenders have preset buttons for preparing different things. The best blender should let you prepare soups, smoothies, or frozen desserts, at the touch of a button. In terms of control, some of the critical functions include the Pulse function.

Speaking of operation, you have to consider getting a quiet blender. Some blenders are too loud; we think they should only be used in commercial settings! Don’t forget that your best blender has to be a powerful blender which you can afford!

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