The Best Blenders On Sale In 2019 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide
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Top 5 Best Blenders On Sale in 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2019)

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Blenders are one of those important kitchen appliances which can be termed as multipurpose. And if you are looking to buy blenders on sale, you must be looking for 3 important things:

1. Durability

2. Versatility and;

3. Power

You can get a local blender for a cheap price, but then the quality of the food item that you will prepare will change a lot.

With a proper quality blender, you will be able to serve your guests and family members with the amazing smoothies and other food items with ease.

So, go through our list of the best blenders on sale and decide which one you should be buying!

Blenders on Sale – Our Top Pick in 2019


1. Blendtec D1E28DC16HA-A1GP1D Designer 725 Blender with Wild Side Jar

418bAHGOUuL check price on amazon With 3.8 hp motor and 120 volts power supply, this blender is one of the best smoothie makers that you will have.

With a display attached to the blender, you can know how much time is left to blend your smoothie.

This is not your typical blender under $100 but with this blender, you get 6 different choices of pre-programmed options which you can use to make hot soup, ice cream, juice, smoothie, salsa and clean the blender as well.

You can use this blender in case you have a large volume of food items to blend and the jar provided with this blender is quite big too. You can also make dips and bread dough as well.
  • Powerful for sure
  • 6 pre-programs give you enough choice of options
  • The cleaning of the blender becomes really easy with the capacitive buttons.
  • You can select your pulse speed
  • The blade is not that sharp, so, while cleaning you won’t get any cut.
  • Warranty is good enough to satisfy your need.
  • Expensive than the other blenders.
  • The noise is really very high which could be a pain for ears in the morning.
  • The jar is made of plastic instead of glass.

2. Vitamix 7500 Blender – Perfect For Family Meals

41uLgBy5TsL check price on amazon This blender is perfect to work as a juicer. With a nice powerful motor, you can blend almost anything.

The jar that comes with the blender is really big enough to prepare enough food for a family.

The blender comes with a thermal protection and cooling fan system. With 10 different speed options, you can use the machine according to your need.

The 64-ounce Low-Profile Container makes it easy to process large batches while fitting under most kitchen cabinets.
  • Comes with 10 different speed options
  • The container is big enough to prepare enough food whereas keeping it in the kitchen is really easy.
  • The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel which gives you the best quality blending possible.
  • The cooling system works superbly and lets your machine work at the same power all the time.
  • Comes with a warranty of 10 years
  • The container design being square the good items might not get blended as smooth as they should be
  • Your food items might get some Teflon particles
  • The price that you spend for this blender is not worthy of the power that it provides.

3. Oster VERSA Pro Performance Blender with Tamper 1400-watt, BLSTVB-RV0


check price on amazon If you are looking for quality blenders on sale, you can surely go for this. With a powerful motor, you can get your work done easily.

This blender comes with 3 different speed options for 3 different types of food processing. The speed dial gives you the option to blend as long as you require. The stainless steel blade is of high quality and spins at a higher speed.

The base of the blender is also very sturdy, so there is no chance that the container will slip.

The blender also comes with a 7-year warranty and 2 recipe book as well.
  • Good power, worthy of the price that you pay.
  • With different speed options and 3 pre-programmed modes, you can do a lot more than you think.
  • Comes with 2 recipe books and 7 years of warranty.
  • The design of the machine is really durable and sturdy too.
  • The contact point between the jar and the base might leak oil
  • The blender might leak the juice you are making.
  • The quality of the har is not so good as well.

4. Cleanblend 3HP 1800-Watt Commercial Blender


check price on amazon This blender has a good enough powerful motor to make your food a little smoother. The container can accommodate a lot of vegetables and fruits.

The blades are made of strong stainless steel. The pulse option can offer you a nice chopping experience.

The blender comes with a 5-year warranty as well.

Overall this is amongst the good blenders on sale which you can surely give a thought.
  • The bearings are made of stainless steel for a sturdy finish.
  • The container is made of BPA plastic which is the standard for a non-toxic food preparation.
  • The blade is of high quality and is made of stainless steel.
  • The motor is has got enough power to blend through any item you want.
  • The warranty is only valid for Canada and USA.

5. Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender System with Auto-IQ, Includes (2) 24oz and (1) 32oz cups (BL682Z)

check price on amazon

The blender has a motor of 1500 W which can easily blend anything you want.

The auto-timer facility will let you know when you need to stop the blending and when to pause.

The processor bowl is perfectly designed to give you even chopping experience.

It comes with a cup, and seal lid which can really useful in making healthy drinks and smoothies.
  • The blender is really powerful and can work with any food item.
  • The blades are really sharp to cut the fruits and vegetables faster, but they can be dangerous for your fingers, so, be careful while cleaning them.
  • The speed is really good enough to please you.
  • The noise is a problem. It makes a lot of sounds while grinding or blending.
  • If you want to buy additional cup and blades, they are quite costly.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether it is a smoothie, an energy drink, a milkshake, or any other mixture you are looking to create, a blender is a must-have appliance in your kitchen. We all look for such tasty and vitamin-rich drinks, which is why various companies have moved toward producing all types and styles of blenders. You will definitely be able to find the right one to suit your needs as well as go along with your kitchen aesthetic.

Multiple factors go into making the decision of which blender you should be buying. A few of the most important ones are quality, power, and price.

You may be able to score an extremely cheap blender from a local vendor for a great bargain, but it is likely that it will not last as long as you would want it to. Furthermore, given that a blender is an appliance that is to be used in the kitchen, there is a certain amount of hygiene and quality requirement that is compulsory to meet. Whether it’s for personal use or for serving guests, you need to ensure that your blender is high quality and is one that will last for a long amount of time while being worth the amount of money you pay.

This buying guide will allow you to find the right kind of blender for yourself. Not only will you be picking the optimal appliance for the price you are paying, but you will also be investing in a high-quality product that is completely worth your time and effort. The blender you pick should go with your kitchen aesthetic and it should ideally be able to add value to your lifestyle.

There are different functions, features, and types of blenders out there in the market, so it is necessary for you to take into account all factors before making your pick.

Purpose of a Blender

One of the most important factors that help decide the type of blender you want to purchase is its functionality. It is vital for you to be able to understand your requirements before going to the market to look for a blender.

For example, if you are looking for a blender to make milkshakes and smoothies in the morning, you could opt for one with a light motor and blades that have the ability to crush ice. This could be a good start. However, if you are looking to accomplish some heavier tasks such as grinding, chopping, or extracting, you would need to find a blender with a heavier motor, sharper blades, and more power.

Different blenders may also come with different control units, allowing you to control the speed and type of processing being done.

The price will vary with the functionality, but it is your requirements that need to be met.

Types of Blenders

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of blenders available in the market. Some may come with limited options in terms of speed and processing, while others might have different sizes of motors, containers, blades, etc. Basic blenders can deal with light blending which involves making juices, smoothies, and milkshakes, whereas heavier blenders can also deal with making hot soups and dips. Different types of blenders come with different features, resulting in a change in price, functionality, options, and power.

The design of the blender also makes a difference in the blending and juicing. This is usually defined by the size of the motor or speed of the blades. The design and modularity of the blender itself also play a role as it is important for one to be able to store the blender in the right kind of cabinet within the kitchen. Moreover, blenders as a countertop appliance tend to add aesthetic value to the kitchen. Therefore, it is necessary for you to pick the right blender that goes with your kitchen atmosphere.

Blenders can have different price ranges based on their type. For example, certain blenders are multifunctional, allowing for a diversity in function with features such as chopping, blending, mixing, crushing, extracting, and so on. Similarly, a countertop appliance can have multiple types, and it is important for you to know the right one that meets your needs, lest you end up wasting your money.

Furthermore, families may use blenders for processing baby food, so it is important to check if the blades are hygienic and allow you to make food safely. Certain blenders also tend to have a high power, which makes them noisy and loud, making it difficult for families with individuals looking to use the blenders early in the morning or late at night.

Different types and styles of blenders allow for different features and functionalities. The differences make it easier for one to understand their needs better and make their blender choice accordingly.

While some blenders come with containers or jugs, others are present as hand blenders, and adding to the list are multifunctional and cool blenders. These types have different features, resulting in different functionalities and prices, depending on the model and company. Some of these come as complete packages, while others are considered to be stand alone blenders.

To understand the right fit for you, it is best to go over them all before deciding.

1. Container or Jug Blenders

41fuLPfBg2LTypical container or jug blenders come with a rotation motor and a container to hold your ingredients. These jars are present in various sizes, so your choice will depend on the number of people you are looking to serve.

Along with the size of the container, an important factor is the type of the container. This could be either glass or plastic, depending on the model and style of the blender.

In addition to that, what plays an even bigger role is the design and shape of the container. The shape allows for the right kind of blending and juicing, so it is best to try and pick the shape depending on your requirements.

Most containers come with a pouring spout as well. Having this feature can make it easier for you to serve your drinks into glasses.

Container blenders also come with a blade for blending and cutting the ingredients. Usually, the blade is made out of stainless steel, which is the best type of blade for ice crushing and various other blending options. The movement of the blade is dependent on the power of the motor, which defines the speed of blending. The speed along with the processing settings may define the type of food output that will be produced. This is mostly in the hands of the user to experiment with.

2. Hand Blenders

31Z1MAH5AVL 1A different style of blender is a hand blender, which is also known as a stick blender. These blenders are usually handheld, allowing for a range of blending functionalities. They can be used for blending, juicing, mixing, and so much more. They come in small sizes and offer a convenient usage as they are easy to hold and use.

Most hand blenders are powered by either a cord or a battery, allowing for easy usage and storage whenever necessary. They are known to be compact and modular and are present in different sizes for the user to choose from. Some companies produce hand blenders with wall racks as well, allowing the user to easily hang the blender in the kitchen.

Such blenders mostly have a smaller blade size due to their design and can be used for various purposes while cooking food or making drinks. Given that their size and motor power are less as compared to container blenders, hand blenders usually come at a cheaper price as well, turning out to be a good investment in terms of providing the right value for money.

3. Multifunctional Blenders

51SWcXc9ppLIf you are looking for some added value and are aiming to go beyond the container and hand blenders, the multifunctional blenders might be the ones to suit your needs.

Given that these are more expensive, they tend to be more powerful, making it possible to cook and mix any ingredient. They allow for the making of soup, juicing, processing food, blending, and so much more. The same unit can also perform chopping and processing, being a complete package.

Multifunctional blenders tend to be popular since they are a complete package and allow for a variety of options to be performed. If you are looking for a blending unit as a long-term investment for your fancy kitchen, you may want to go for a multifunctional blender as it gives you everything you need at the right amount of money. Hence, it is bound to meet all your needs and then some.

4. Cool Blenders

41Gc853I9zL 1Cool blenders are sort of smart blenders that are available to provide a more efficient way to blend your ingredients. The way these blenders does so is by allowing the ingredients, especially frozen ones, to flow better toward the blade to ensure more effective blending and juicing.

This modern-day technology has ensured better taste and blending options, making cool blenders popular for those who are looking for something different to go with.

While these blenders are fancy in their own way, they still offer a large capacity to cater to large families or parties and come with an average price tag as compared to other traditional blenders.

However, cool blenders require a certain level of cleaning to ensure they can function efficiently, though they also add aesthetic value to your kitchen countertop.

Making Your Decision

With different styles, types, and models of blenders being available in the modern-day electronic market, it may be difficult for one to try and make the right pick. The way to go about this is to begin by listing down your own needs and requirements. Once you have that out of the way, the next thing to do is to set a price range you are interested in.

Make sure you set a price range that will include quality blenders. Hence, don’t set your budget too low, but don’t keep it too high either or else you might end up spending more than you could afford.

Based on your budget, you can then look at what features and types of blenders are available for you. It is also a good idea to look at the brand of the blenders and the different benefits they offer in terms of functionalities, customer support, and warranty.


There are surely a wide variety of blenders on sale that you can choose from, ranging from cookware, food choppers and stand mixers to variable speed blenders, ice crushers, and choppers. All these blenders come with different options in terms of usage, power consumption, blades, motors, and speed options. They provide the user with options to make dips, smoothies, milkshakes, energy drinks, and various other delicious recipes.

Kitchen appliances tend to be chosen after considering their design, hygiene, and safety. With a focus on the right quality and the price keeping all the other factors in mind, you can invest in a blender which will go well with your kitchen aesthetic as well as provide a safe food processing medium, resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

It is important for you, as the user, to make the right kind of investment which provides you with a durable and high-quality product without being too heavy on your pocket. It is necessary to be able to consider the right features to identify which blender will suit you and make the decision that is best for your kitchen countertop. Blenders not only provide various features but also enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Understand your needs as well as your budget to pick the right kind of blender which suits you perfectly. The decision-making factors mostly revolve around durability and price. If you are able to identify the right mix, then are in for the ideal blender to pick for your countertop addition.

So, as you can see, you might get a lot of blenders on sale but you will surely need to choose your blender according to your need as every blender is not meant for your requirement.

If you understand your requirement very well, you can select them yourself, if not, then take the help of an expert to know which blender will be best for you.

Happy shopping!

Top 5 Best Blenders On Sale in 2019 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide
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Read our review on the best blenders on sale today & choose the best one that will suit your budget & needs. Check out the top 5 best blenders to buy today!

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