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Best Omelette Pan in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The omelette is one of the most versatile and (if done right) delicious egg dishes out there. In order to make a really good omelette, you need an equally good omelette pan.

We are here to help you find an omelette pan that will let you cook consistently good omelettes. We have reviewed a series of well-made omelette pans.

We are going to tell you the pros and cons of each and let you make up your own mind as to which is the best for you. 

If you want our opinion on the best omelette pan, we think it’s the TECHEF EPIHM Tamagoyaki Pan.

The Best Omelette Pans - Our Top Picks

1. Calphalon 1934221 Classic Nonstick Omelet Pan - Best Rated in Skillets

To start off this review list, we are reviewing an omelette pan from a brand that you may have heard of before. The Calphalon 1934221 Classic Nonstick Omelet Pan is a high-quality option for those of you who want a killer pan to use in your kitchen.

There are a lot of great things about the Calphalon 1934221 Classic Nonstick Omelet Pan that we need to mention. First off, the Calphalon has a great nonstick layer. The coating, combined with the solid aluminum construction will ensure that it lasts for decades, if not longer (assuming that you take good care of it of course).

Another great thing about the Calphalon is that it is oven safe. Not every nonstick pan can be used in the oven, but this one is capable of being used in ovens with temperatures around 450-degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, you aren’t cooking omelettes in the oven, but it does give the pan some more versatility.

The only major issue with the Calphalon is how the handle lacks any sort of a grip.


  • Very durable; will last for years.
  • Great nonstick coating.
  • Can be used in the oven.
  • Aluminum base heats evenly and quickly.


  • No grip on handle.

2. Cleverona Essential Nonstick 11 Inch Pan - with SecureSnap Detachable Handle

The Cleverona Essential Nonstick 11 Inch Pan with SecureSnap Detachable Handle is the second omelette pan that we want to review. There are a lot of reasons why the Cleverona is such a good pan and deserving of being on this list.
For starters, it has a really great handle.

Now, we know that the handle isn’t the most important thing on a pan, but the handle on this particular pan is very good. Not only does the handle have a really comfortable grip, but it also doesn’t get hot at all, so the chances of burning yourself are non-existent.

We also have to mention that as the name of the product says, it is a detachable handle. That means that when you are done with the pan, you can take off the handle to make cleaning and storage easier.

Of course, the rest of the pan is very well-made as well. It has a 2-layer nonstick coating to ensure that the pan can be used for a very long time and still maintain that crucial nonstick factor.


  • Unique handle makes storage easier.
  • Handle is easy to grip and doesn’t get hot.
  • 2-layer nonstick coating that lasts.
  • All-around solid design.


  • A little expensive than the rest.

3. Iwachu 410-556 Iron Omelette Pan - Cast Iron Pan for Cooking

Moving on we have the Iwachu 410-556 Iron Omelette Pan. This is a solid, Japanese pan. 

What is most unique about this particular entry on our list is that it is the first (and only) cast iron pan on the list.

Cast iron has its flaws (such as the fact that it needs to be broken in), but if you know what you are doing, then they can last for generations. Likewise, when a cast iron pan like the Iwachu is broken in, it becomes one of the best nonstick options out there.

Modern nonstick technology has come a long way, but there are still those who justifiably insist that when it comes to preventing food from sticking, that you can’t beat a cast iron skillet.

The only thing that we would improve on is to make the handle a bit easier to use. As is, the handle heats up if you don’t monitor it, which obviously makes flipping things difficult.


  • Durable cast iron design.
  • Heats very evenly.
  • Gets hot quickly.
  • Once broken in, food doesn’t stick at all.


  • Handle can heat up.
  • Needs to be broken in.

4. TECHEF EPIHM Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan - Best All-Rounder (Editor's Choice)

The name alone is a pretty good indication that this is a fairly unique pan.

What sets the TECHEF apart from every other entry on our list is its unique shape. While people familiar with western cookware may think that the square shape of the TECHEF EPIHM Tamagoyaki Japanese Pan is odd, it is actually very common in Asian cooking, and it offers a very unique experience and end product.

One of the best things about the shape of the TECHEF is how it lets you experiment. Want to try making a square-shaped omelette (which would be a lot easier to fold) instead of the traditional round shape? Well, you can really only do that with this particular pan.

There’s other experimentation that you can do with the pan that we won’t go into. While the shape may turn off some, we imagine that many others will see it as a unique and possibly very versatile addition to their kitchen.

Unique shape aside, this is still one of the best pan in our, and by now you have come to expect certain things from any pan that is being reviewed on this list. For starters, this pan does have a very good nonstick layer that will last for a while.

Likewise, the bottom of the pan is made with aluminum, which as we have said many times before lets the pan act as a great conductor. In other words, you should always get a very even cook on your omelet when using this pan.

Before ending the review, we also have to mention that the TECHEF EPIHM Tamagoyaki Pan comes with really helpful sloped sides.

The slopes make it easy to flip over your omelette (or whatever else you happen to be cooking) without using a spatula.


  • Unique shape can let you experiment.
  • Great nonstick layer.
  • Solid handle.
  • Durable metal exterior.
  • Heats very evenly.


  • Unique shape may not be for everyone.

5. MyLifeUNIT Japanese Rolled Omelet Pan - Best Square Omelette Pan

To end off our list, we wanted to review one more Japanese-style omelette pan in the same style as the TECHEF EPIHM Tamagoyaki Egg Pan that we just finished reviewing.

The MyLifeUNIT Japanese Rolled Omelet Pan shares a lot in common with the other Japanese pan that we reviewed, but also does a few things differently, which is why we are making it a separate review.

Probably the biggest difference between this pan and the previous one that we reviewed is the shape. While both are square shaped, the MyLifeUNIT has a pronounced slope shape. The front is so sloped that almost looks like it could be used as a large scoop.

What this unique shape does is make it a lot easier for you to both flip food and to slide said food out onto the plate. In fact, once you have some experience with the MyLifeUNIT Japanese Rolled Omelet Pan, you should be able to cook an omelette and get it onto your plate, all without touching a spatula.

Overall, the MyLifeUNIT Japanese Omelet Pan is as well made as any other pan on this list. It has a solid aluminum exterior that is both tough and that also acts a great conductor of heat.

Likewise, the handle on the pan is solid and it lets you flip food with comfort and ease.

The only issue that we have with this pan is the same one that we had with the other Japanese pan on this list, which is that the shape could be an issue for people who aren’t familiar with these types of pans.


  • Great nonstick layer.
  • Lets you cook, flip, and slide omelettes without a spatula.
  • Solid grip.
  • Very tough aluminum exterior.


  • Shape can make it hard to get used to.

Omelette Pan Buying Guide

best omelette pan

If you aren’t particularly familiar with cookware, then you might not be familiar with what an omelette pan actually is or how to go about picking out a good one. That is what the second part of our article is going to be dedicated to helping you with.

In this buying guide, you are going to find out everything that you would possibly need to know to pick out a killer omelette pan. This will include things like the best surface to use, the best shape, the best size, and much more.

If you have already picked out a pan that you think will work, then you may not end up getting a lot out of this guide. If, however, you are still on the fence regarding which pan to buy, then it’s a good idea to give this buying guide a read.

What Are Omelette Pans?

Omelette pans, contrary to their name, aren’t intended for solely cooking omelettes. In fact, “omelette” pans may end up being one of the most versatile and useful pieces of cookware in your entire set.

Basically, what an omelette pan is, is a specialty pan that has a few key features that happen to make it perfect for cooking omelettes.

However, those features also make it good for cooking a wide variety of other dishes and items as well. 

As for what those key features are, we are going to explore them in the rest of this buying guide.

Although, if you read our review, then you likely already have a good idea of what many of them are.

Nonstick Surface

By far the most important part of any high-quality omelette pan is the nonstick surface. It should be pretty obvious why if you have ever cooked an omelette before. They are a delicate food item that can burn very easily. Likewise, the fact that omelettes enter the pan wet means that they are especially prone to getting stuck. There are few things worse from a cooking perspective than pouring an omelette into your pan, and then losing half of it during the cooking process because it sticks.

When it comes to finding a nonstick surface, you want two things. First off, you want a nonstick layer that is going to last. This isn’t too much of a problem if you are buying from a reputable brand or if you are using a curated list, but it can be a problem if you are just shopping on your own.

Some manufacturers try to sneak in pans with low-quality nonstick layers. These surfaces don’t last, meaning that within a few months your pans will be practically useless. So, make certain that the pan that you buy has a nonstick layer that won’t wear off after just a few uses.

Secondly, you want to make sure that the coating on the pan that you buy is resistant to physical agitation and cleaning. If you wash dishes by hand, then you could potentially scrape off parts of the nonstick coating when scrubbing the pan.

Likewise, some non-stick coatings don’t hold up well to any type of washing, either by hand or in a dishwasher. On our list, we made sure that every pan that we featured had a nonstick coating that can survive even the roughest cleanings.

Shape and Conductivity

Another theme that popped up on this list was the importance of shape and conductivity. Omelettes (and eggs in general) cook extremely quickly. So, you need to make certain that every section of the omelette is receiving nearly the same amount of heat when you put the egg in the pan, otherwise, you are going to have one end overcooked and the other undercooked.

When it comes to an omelette pan’s shape, you are looking for two very important things. First off, there is shape. A good pan should have a very thick, flat bottom. You want something either very round or perfectly square. These shapes help to ensure that the pan heats evenly.

Likewise, the other most important thing to look for is the right material. Certain materials heat a lot better and a lot more evenly than others. When it comes to omelette pans, you want to look for a base that is made out of either aluminum or stainless steel (or some combination of the two - but not a stainless steel cookware set). These materials have great conductivity, which means that they heat up extremely quickly and it also means that they heat up very evenly as well.

A Good Handle and Sloped Sides

A handle may seem like secondary concern when buying a pan, but when it comes to buying an omelette pan, it takes on a whole new level of importance. See, you want to avoid using a spatula as much as possible when cooking a delicate omelette.

Again, this is for obvious reasons, since omelettes break apart easily and spatulas can ruin a perfect omelette if you aren’t careful. This is why having both a good handle and sloped sides is so important.

Having both of these things on your pan let you gently slide an omelette onto your plate, leaving minimal chance that it breaks apart because of a spatula.


As you saw from our review list, omelette pans come in a wide variety of different sizes. Generally speaking, most omelette pans range from 8-inches to 12-inches in size. You can find bigger or smaller if you look hard, but if you stick to established brands, then these are the size options that you will have.

There isn’t a “best” size to have, it comes down to your own personal preferences. If you like bigger omelettes or if you think that you might want to cook two omelettes at once, then go for a bigger sized pan. If not, stick with a smaller, more maneuverable pan.

Japanese or Western Style Omelette Pan

Near the end of our review list, we reviewed two Japanese-style omelette pans. As you probably noticed, those pans are square as opposed to round. Again, it comes down to personal preference whether you prefer that style of pan or the circle shape of western-style pans. There isn’t a “best” option as each kind has its own pros and cons (we won’t list them again as we covered that in our reviews). So, just pick what you think you will like best.


We hope we are able to help you find the best product for you. If you are still curious about how you should go about finding the best omelette pan to complete your cookware collection, consider the one we mentioned above.

Happy shopping!

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