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Fizzics Waytap Review in 2022 – Fizzics Shark Tank

Fizzics Waytap Review

There has been an age-old debate surrounding beer and how it is consumed. There are two sides that are usually at the forefront of this debate; people who prefer bottled or canned beer, and people who prefer draft beer. Draft beer is, for the uninitiated, the type of beer which is stored in kegs, poured from taps, and drunk in glasses.

People who stand by draft beer maintain that it has a smoother taste and mouthfeel and the general process of its storage and consumption aid the taste of the beer. On the other hand, the bottled beer drinkers stand by their opinion because of the ease of consumption bottles and cans bring. You need to go to a bar to get a draft beer or have a kegerator set up at home, but you can get a 6-pack from the supermarket which is a 5-minute drive away.

Both of these options have their pros and cons, but what if there was a way to combine them and have the best of both worlds? Is that even possible? Well, Fizzics’ Waytap System claims to generate the taste and feel of a draft beer from bottled and canned beer without the use of carbon dioxide or nitrates. In this article, we’re going to see how well this machine works and if it’s worth spending your time and money on.

Fizzics Beer System – How It Works?

The system comes with a few different parts that need to be assembled and is usually assembled without much hassle. These include a docking platform, an anti-microbial drip mat, a canister, and a tap handle. It runs on 4 AA batteries which means that there is no need for carbon dioxide canisters or nitrogen tanks.

This also makes the machine portable and very easy to move around. With its 3.5 lb weight, it can be taken to parties and gatherings without a lot of trouble. The machine can take any can or bottle and use it to do the job. Growlers up to 64oz can also be used. Once the can or bottle is opened, it is to be placed inside the machine and a tube is to be guided to through the opening of the beer container. Once this is done, the canister is sealed shut from the top and a tap handle is pulled forward so as to pressurize the beer with air.

As mentioned, the system does not require the use of carbon dioxide or nitrogen tanks, which means that it uses sound waves to produce a smooth foam texture for the beer. The machine does have a few downsides to it. It makes a little bit of noise while working and ‘kicks’ when low on beer, as most mini kegerators do. But since the Fizzics is a portable container, it could fall off a high surface if not placed properly. The tap handle used to start the process is also loose and could get lost if not used properly.

Fizzics Beer Review

Fizzics Shark Tank - Alternatives

What Does Fizzics’ Beer Taste Like?

After the system is set up and is running, you need to move the lever towards the front to get the beer and then move it back to get the foam on the top. The beer is light and aromatic and tastes, feels, and looks like an authentic draft beer which is served at the bar. The foam, on the other hand, is quite dense and shiny, with a milky consistency. Although the product manual recommends filling your glass with ⅓ foam, we found that the consistency of the foam would do better with just a finger worth of foam on the top of the beer.

The marketing for the product claims that the machine will keep your beer cold for 12 hours without ice and 24 hours with ice. This is not what we found, however. When left on its own, the beer was found to be at room temperature after 12 hours and was only cold for about 16 hours when it was left with ice wrapped around the canister. Since the beer was left open inside the canister, it had lost most of its carbonation when left for a while, although it did provide some foam when poured.

Another issue with the Fizzics is that when it is used with more hoppy beers, such as Bell’s Two Hearted Ale or Liberty Street Brewing Company IPA, the beers started to lose their bitterness and some of their carbonation. This is mostly just the case with more hops-centered beer, however. With darker beers such as the Shake Chocolate Porter from the Boulder Beer Company, the Fizzics was a big hit, making the beers feel creamy and sweet and better than the bottled versions.


The Fizzics Waytap comes in 3 different models which are all below $150. They are:

  1. Matte Black with Pearl Chrome Finish- $120
  2. White with Pearl Chrome Finish- $120
  3. Slate Grey with Gunmetal Finish- $140
fizzics waytap review

Fizzics Shark Tank (UPDATE)

The Fizzics company was co-founded by Phil Petracca and David McDonald, who started the company after wondering how to bring the taste and feel of a brew-poured beer to the bottled and canned versions. They were founded in San Francisco and appeared on the set of Shark Tank on the first episode of Season 8 where they were picked up by Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner who promised $2M in exchange for 16.67% of the company’s stake.


In conclusion, the Fizzics Waytap is for people who want the taste of a brew-poured beer from a can or a bottle. Although it does not work as well with hoppy beers as it does with others, even its worst results aren’t that bad. It’s an affordable, portable product that is definitely worth its price.

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