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Best Coolers With Wheels in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated on February 8, 2021 by Jerry Boyce

Coolers are designed to keep food items chilled making them especially very functional and useful for outdoor settings.

Those who love outdoor adventures and activities know how refreshing it is to be able to reach out for a cold drink and this is exactly what a cooler helps them achieve.

“There are different types of best coolers with wheels – including indoor and outdoor ones.”

- at a glance: -

Coolers that come with wheels make some of the best, especially for outdoor settings, because the wheels make transporting the coolers to wherever we want pretty easy.

You would only need to select the best one below to enjoy your chilled drinks at their best!

The best coolers with wheels often come with rugged wheels which can handle any outdoor terrain including rocks, grass and even dirt.

But there are still some that come with smooth wheels ideal for rolling across flat and hard surfaces. The wide range of sizes and shapes make it possible for users to find a unit that is made to serve their needs best.

The wheeled coolers come in handy for camping, hunting, fishing, outdoor concerts, picnics and even backyard barbecues and sporting events.

Best Wheeled Coolers - Our Top Picks

1. Igloo Glide PRO Cooler

Best Rated in Camping Coolers

The Igloo Glide Pro cooler is an attractive and stylish cooler you can take to the beach or the park to enjoy a cold drink.

Just like any other wheeled cooler, the wheels make transportation pretty easy whereas the slide and lock handle makes pulling bliss and offers lots of conveniences when storing.

This cooler comes with rally wheels that are oversized so rolling on any given terrain is easy.

Its ultratherm insulated body and the cool riser technology keep ice for days. The zinc hinges are top quality and bound to serve for a long time.

Worth mentioning is the white paint that manages to reflect most UV light, thus protecting the plastic underneath from degrading.

It is actually among the best cheap coolers with wheels that you can find.

The cooler comes with a threaded drain hole allowing easy water draining and also easy cleaning of the unit.

With the fish scale provides on the lid, this is probably among the best fishing coolers you can buy.

The cooler is large in size, giving enough room to pack all the stuff you need for the trip.

The body is well-constructed using polyethylene which could be why it is an affordable cooler.


  • The cooler is inexpensive, hence affordable even for those working on a budget.
  • The wheels are large enough to make maneuvering easy on any given terrain.
  • A good performing cooler that is durable for its price.
  • It is large enough to carry plenty of stuff needed on the go.
  • White color to keep UV light off the material hence degrading is minimized.
  • Easy to use, clean and drain water.
  • Horizontal slide and lock handle that is telescopic for lightening lifting loads.
  • The body and lid are ultratherm insulated keeping ice for days at 90 degrees.


  • Its large size translates into more surface area that is harder to insulate properly. The cooler could fail in keeping all heat out.
  • The side handles are made of plastic, hence are not as durable. They are not sturdy enough, especially when lifting the heavy cooler into a trunk or otherwise.
  • The materials used for the construction are not as durable.
  • The cooler is heavy and can be hard to move it when it is fully loaded.
  • Easy to use, clean and drain water.

2. Coleman Leak-Resistant

Xtreme 5-day Ice Retention

The Coleman 62 Quart Extreme cooler can hold about 85 cans and still have room for ice to keep all cans chilled.

It is a sizeable cooler that will serve your family or friends needs outdoors.

One of the most outstanding features when it comes to this cooler is the lid that can also serve as a seat so you can rest and sit.

The lid can support 250 lbs so you can sit without worrying about damaging the unit.

The molded plastic construction is strong, and with thicker insulation even on the lid, you can be sure to preserve the ice for several days in up to 90 degrees outside.

This cooler has a large handle for towing which makes the pulling easy and for lifting you have the 2 way handles that make even lifting a loaded unit easy.

To reduce carbon emissions, the cooler features low CO2 insulation. It is a cooler ideal for boating and camping among other outdoor activities.

The drain is leak resistance and rustproof; it is designed in such a way that you can drain water without tilting the cooler.


  • Very affordable and offers good quality.
  • The lid has cup holders, so your drinks do not topple. It also can serve as a seat where you can rest and sit.
  • The cooler keeps the ice for days, even when it is hot outside.
  • It features Xtreme Technology that offers extra insulation on walls and lid.
  • It is large enough to hold tens of cans.
  • The wheels are heavy duty for reliable, easy transportation.
  • Easy to use drain that is leak resistant.


  • With too much opening the ice may not last for indicated five days.
  • The wheels are not very sufficient in sandy areas like the beaches, and they easily get stuck.
  • The cooler handles are a bit small.

3. Pelican Products ProGear Elite

Guaranteed for Life

This heavy-duty wheeled cooler will keep your drinks and foods chilled for days, and it is ideal for camping trips and even parties.

The Pelican Elite cooler is certified as bear-resistant, which somehow gives campers’ confidence knowing that their items are safe even when they come into contact with bears on their camping trips.

The two-inch polyurethane insulation and freezer grade gasket make the cooler very effective in keeping stuff cold.

It also has a rubber lining on the lid for an airtight and secure closing every time.

The latches on the cooler are press and pull and are wide for ease of use even when you have your gloves on.

The cooler has stainless steel hardware that is corrosion resistant and secure.

The wheels can handle all types of terrain thanks to their large size. The built-in bottle opener on the side is a useful addition, and you will also love the fish scale if you are going out on a fishing trip.

The handle on it can be adjusted, so you achieve the most comfortable height and you can use the round indents at the bottom to hold your cans when resting.


  • The cooler has sloped drain for smooth water removal.
  • Wide enough press and pull latches suitable even for gloved use.
  • The cooler is bear resistant and extremely durable.
  • The wheels are good enough for any terrain and are large for easy rolling even under heavy load.


  • This cooler is large and heavy; hence it can be challenging loading and offloading it.
  • The size is a little too large, especially for smaller trips.
  • It is not very good for long distances on foot because of the weight and size.

4. Canyon Coolers Mule 30

Best Roto Coolers

One of the reasons why this cooler is among the top ten coolers is its impressive ice retention capabilities.

This is all thanks to the 2.7-inch wall insulation that will keep your ice in top condition for days.

It is, without doubt, one of the best coolers with wheels for boating enthusiasts, anglers, and even rafters.

The Canyon Mule 30 Adventure cooler has tie-down points that are built in so you won’t have to worry about it rolling all over.

The kayak plastic construction of the cooler offers guarantees to keep everything cool.

Moreover, the construction is food grade and UV resistant making it serve its functions effectively. The manufacturer adds confidence to the unit by offering a Lifetime Warrant something that is truly unheard of.

For easy rolling on any terrain, this cooler features 6-inch wheels that are tough enough.

Additional features that you will love to enjoy include divider slot to separate your items, a bottle opener that is inbuilt for convenience and the basket offering enough storage for all items you may need for the trip.


  • The cooler has strong plastic construction, and the sandstone appearance makes it very attractive.
  • It is sizeable enough to serve most trips and comes with a divider to separate items.
  • It features pull and push bar latches that are single action.
  • The design is recessed and sleek, so it fits and also packs easy.
  • It has large sturdy wheels for smooth rolling.
  • The cooler has thick wall insulation for effective chilling.


  • The plastic construction is not as durable.

5. Seavilis Cooler (Milee)

Heavy Duty Ice Chest

The Milee 70QT heavy duty cooler comes with free accessories worth $50 making it one of the most valuable coolers you can choose in the market.

The accessories include a cup holder, so your drinks do not topple and pour, cooler dividers making it easy for you to separate the food items according to your cooling preferences; dry items can be separated from those needing ice chilling, and a hanging wire basket that offering convenient storage for other things you may want to take with you.

Most notable about this cooler is the heavy duty Rotomolded construction, making it a very durable unit able to withstand the outdoor elements that would otherwise be destructive.

The construction is indestructible and is made complete by the commercial grade insulation that improves the efficiency of the unit.

Apart from having 7 inch solid wheels that make rolling smooth, this cooler also has non-slip rubber fit, so your worries of unwanted rolling are eliminated.

This is also enhanced by the molded tie-down slots improving stability by great length.

The cooler has a pressure release button that allows ease of opening the box especially when the air pressure inside is different from the pressure outside.

It is, without doubt, one of the best coolers with wheels you can find!


  • Sturdy wide wheels for easy rolling in different terrains.
  • Nonslip rubber feet for smoothness on the go.
  • 2 convenient bottle openers.
  • Thickly insulated design for impressive ice retention for days.
  • Integrated hinge on the lid lock so accidental closure is prevented.
  • Recessed drain plug or easy flow of water during cleaning.
  • UV resistance to protect plastic from breaking down caused by exposure to the sun


  • The nylon rope handles are not as durable.
  • The cooler is a bit heavy.

Best Coolers with Wheels - Buyer's Guide

8 Things To Consider When Buying A Cooler

1. Cooler Size

Even though the size of your cooler might not have an effect on moving it because it has wheels to make this smooth, the dimensions of the cooler including wheels and handles can be limiting when it comes to transporting from place to place. A unit that is too large can prove challenging placing into the back seat of your car or trunk, hence the need to think about transporting it so you choose a size that will not give you much of a problem.

2. Wheel Type

Your cooler may have wheels, but if they are not the right ones, then you will still have challenges moving it in different given terrains. Consider whether they are large enough to roll smoothly over any surface. Larger wheels are best for rough terrains which are a bit aggressive, whereas small wheels may work perfectly for flat, smooth surfaces. The bearing used should also be considered because this is what will remain exposed to gravel and dirt which can get inside locking up the wheels.

3. Wheel Number

Apart from looking at the type of wheels your cooler has, it is also very important to consider the number of wheels it features. Two wheel coolers are most common and useable, and they function just right, but you can also find some with three wheels or four wheels (It is your choice, based on the trip place you go). When going for a four-wheeled unit, find out whether it sits flat in place and whether you can lock down the wheels, so the cooler does not keep rolling about when you want it to stay still on the ground. Two-wheeled coolers have recessed wheels, so they sit flat when not in use hence no much trouble.

4. Handle

Wheeled coolers will, of course, come with a handle to make it possible for you to pull them along. Considering that they can carry lots of weight depending on their capacity, size and what you have packed, you need a handle that can withstand all the weight. The hinged joint linking the handle and cooler should be strong enough because it remains under tension as you roll the cooler along. Aluminum makes sturdy handles, and it will be even better if they are padded for comfort and strong grip. The handle height also matters; the last thing you want is to crouch all the way to your spot. It is always a good idea to choose a cooler with a telescopic handle that you can adjust according to your height and leverage.

5. Cooler Capacity

The amount of items your cooler can accommodate is very important. You want a unit that can hold as many beverage cans as you might need when away from home. Consider whether it can also carry other stuff you need to keep chilled on the go. Considering that there are so many sizes you can choose from, it should be easy to find one whose capacity is sufficient enough. Some come complete with dividers so you can use the space available for different stuff without ruining some of them.

6. Insulation

A cooler will not serve any purpose if it fails to chill your items. It is therefore important to check that the insulation performance is reliable enough when buying a cooler. Tight lid gaskets and sizeable foam insulation are some of the things that can tell you how good the performance is. To enjoy the best experience go for a unit with thick foam insulation, elevated body, airtight construction and gasket that is refrigerator grade. It should also give you an easy time draining water that is no longer useful.

7. Storage

It is a good thing to have a cooler with a capacity that meets your needs, but even better when you have one whose storage space includes dividers and dry-bins. Apart from the ice chilled drinks you want to bring with you, you may also have other food items you wish to carry too, and the dry bins will make this all possible. Dividers ensure that every item remains in its place, especially with all the jostling as the cooler rolls along. With dividers, you can separate dry and ice goods easily and you can consider any other additional storage that can make a difference for your outdoor trips such as in holding cups or blankets.

8. Durability

It trickles down to the materials your cooler is made of. There are lots of options on the market to ensure that you take the time to find out how durable the cooler you are interested in will be. There is always greater value in buying a unit that will serve all your chilling needs for a long time and you, therefore, can’t buy any unit you come across without looking at its durability. Considering that you will be using it outdoors, choose materials that can resist the different outdoor elements impressively. Check out the body construction and quality or any hardware included.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Coolers


  • They are very easy to move from place to place without having to bear all their weight to carry
  • The wheels make it possible for one person to roll them no matter how heavy they are; no need for assistance moving them to the selected spot
  • Coolers with three or four wheels have bodies that are elevated so they sit off the ground away from debris and heat that can interfere with the chilling functionality. Heat transfer is minimized improving ice life
  • With the right selection of wheel type and size, the coolers are easy to roll over all kinds of terrains; it is actually even possible to roll them on sandy beaches and rocky terrains without too much effort
  • Those with more than two wheels offer easier access to the items they hold because they increase the height of cooler, so you do not have to bend too low reaching for items when the cooler is on the ground


  • The wheels end up making the coolers heavier and bulkier. Shaft and tires take up a good amount of space that it can be a challenge placing in your trunk or lifting the cooler off the ground into the car
  • Considering that the coolers have moving parts which are the wheels, there is always the risk of them getting damaged or broken. This can be pretty inconveniencing especially when you are left to carry a large cooler using other options like side handles
  • Wheeled coolers cost more compared to those that have no wheels. If you are working on a tight budget, you may be forced to settle for smaller ice chest even if you would rather get a bigger one. You may also end up sacrificing quality to stay within your budget.


You must know how to buy the best coolers before going to purchase. There are thousands of products available on the market and you will get clear idea about what to know and which one is best.

Hopefully, the information given above makes it a bit easier for you to choose the best coolers with wheels.

Happy shopping!

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