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Best Coolers For Camping in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated on May 30, 2021 by Jerry Boyce

When you plan for a camping trip with your friends and family, you start packing your car or RV to head out and enjoy the wilderness and the most important thing that no backpacker misses out is the best coolers for camping.

If you are lacking a cooler for your next camping trip, then it is the biggest mistake that you are making. Some travelers usually make use of ice chest which only keeps your drinks and food cold for shorter duration.

Comparison Table

1. ORCA ORCG040 Cooler

Best Size Cooler for Camping

If you are looking for something that can guarantee higher cooling capacity, then look no further and opt for Orca ORCG040 Cooler which is ideal for on the go adventure and camping trips. This is considered as one of the best cooler for the money as its premium grade insulation ensures to keep the drinks and food cool for longer hours.

This is the roto-molded model designed in America by American works in adherence to American standards. This camping cooler comes with padded carrying handles which give you the ultras comfort to carry the cooler to any camping sites without hurdles and pain. Blinds, boats and everywhere you can carry this cooler along with you.

This is the best size cooler for camping as it comes with 40 quart storage capacity which is sufficient and ideal for adventures and camping. The durable and robust roto-molded constructions and insulation of the cooler ensures longer lasting cooling of the foods and drinks. The cooler also comes with LID gasket which ensures optimal sealing of the cooler lid which keeps the contents cooler for longer hours.

Besides, the cooler is designed with extendable flexible drip handles which makes comfortable SOLO and Tandem portage easier. It also has the cargo net attachment which can be used as additional storage for the users. The cooler also comes with a drainage spout which ensures easy flowing of the excessive melted water inside the cabinet.

The external material of the cooler is higher grade food-friendly plastic and it is designed with integrated insulation that ensures to keep the cooling intact for longer hours and the drinks and foods in good condition while you are camping outside. Manufacturer of the product offers you with 90 days of returnable guarantee so if you are not satisfied with its service and quality simply return it and get the refund.

2. Coleman Steel Belted Cooler

Heavy-Duty Cooler

3. Grizzly 40 quart Cooler

Best Bear- Proof Cooler

The favorite cooler for outdoor activities, the Grizzly 40Quart Cooler is constructed to last longer and it is sturdy enough to sit in the bed of the ATV and pickup truck. The 40quart cooler from Grizzly is designed to be rugged and made with four C’s in mind: certified, colder, construction and capacity.

The prime feature that attracts the attention of the buyers is the fact that the cooler is designed to be bear proof and it is certified by Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee and it is designed to withstand any attempts of the grizzly bears that try to access what inside the cooler. So, it is considered as the best coolers for camping, especially if you are camping in forest or jungle.

The outer shell of the cooler is designed with roto tough plastic that gives the cooler a stronger performance which not only keeps the ice frozen for 6 days, but also keeps the bear at the bay. It is robust enough to withstand any kind of abuses and still it functions optimally, all thanks to its thick wall exterior.

The cooler comes with bear claw latches, molded-in hinges with stainless steel pins, eco-friendly pressure injected insulation which adds to its durability and stability. Users have appreciated the functioning capabilities of this camping cooler model. This is the best small cooler for families and friends which come with the storage capacity of 40 quarts and it can hold up to 80-85 cans of drinks and also foods.

There is a 2” drain plug with non-skid rubber feet and rope handle for comfortable maneuverability. The ergo built-in handles ensure proper sealing of the lip to keep the temperature intact for longer hours.

4. Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

with Integrated Fish Ruler

The Igloo Yukon Cold Locker is undoubtedly the robust and another best cooler for camping, capable of keeping foods and drinks frozen for at least 7 days. The cooler is designed with thick roto molded plastic and it comes with some amazing features including wider gripped handles, dual reversible ski pads, UV inhibitors, cool riser technology, dual lock lids, and stainless steel hardware more.

This cooler comes with different storage capacity ranging from 50quart to 120quart and even 70quart. The 50quart model is the wheeled version and the 120-quart version if non-wheeled. Its ability to keep the ice frozen for longer days is what makes it the best cooler for your camping trips.

It is designed with 3-inch thick insulation which offer optimal cold barrier. The lids also get closed tightly for no cold air escapes and this retains the coolness inside the cold locker.

The cooler is extremely durable and the best Igloo cooler which can withstand any kinds of abuses that it may face while you are camping with it. It is designed metal hardware which is very strong and it comes with handles and hinges which are comfortable and makes accessing of the cooler easier.

The model also comprises a built-in ruler on lid and reversible feet which allows the users to choose between liability and traction. It comes with very affordable price tag and offers some great features which are even lacking in high end models of coolers.

Moreover, the effective insulator packed with rock hard shell is what makes this cooler the best companion for your next camping trip.

5. Engel Cooler

Best Small Cooler

Engel Coolers High Performance ENG35 is the best Roto-Molded Cooler designed specifically for camping and outdoor activities and it offers the optimal cooling solution which ensures to keep your foods and drinks cool for at least 10 days. This is the average length of a camping trip and hence it ensures to deliver you cool drinks throughout your trip.

The manufacturer takes advantages of special insulation layer of 2-inmch thick and it is made out of polyurethane and it borders the cooler from all the sides, ensuring highest efficiency in cooling the drinks and keeping the ice frozen for several days.

Moreover, this is the best small cooler that comes with IGBC certification that indicates that it can resist any abuses that the environment has to offer while camping. It is the roto-molded cooler that makes it the while-piece design to make sure supreme capabilities.

This camping cooler is designed to last longer and it can withstand the impacts which it may face while you are camping outside. Its rotationally molded design ensures that you can use the cooler for longer period without any signs of damages and defects and malfunctions.

It makes use of molding technology which you would see in extruded whitewater kayaks which offer numerous benefits while camping with it. Moreover, the lids of the cooler comes with silicone airtight gasket which provide optimal insulation and ensure to keep the cool air inside intact for longer hours and also maintain the ice to be frozen.

The cooler also comes with marine grade compression latches and UV resistant construction which prevent the heat from entering the container.

Buyer's Guide

best coolers for camping banner

The best cooler for camping and outdoor activities is more than just a piece of equipment to keep your things cooler and chilled. Besides keeping the cold items chilled for days, it must also features some modern inclusions which can tip your cooler above the food storage device and turn it into a multi functional party saver. So, below is the quick rundown of tips and guide which would help you to get the best cooler for your next camping trip.

✓ Insulation

The modern day cooler for camping comes with foam insulation. There are different kinds of foams that are being used for insulation purpose and this is one factor that needs to be considered as it will decide how long the ice will remain frozen. The thicker the insulation of the cooler, the longer it will keep the items chilled and ice frozen. The modern best coolers come with polyethylene foam insulation of 1.5-2 inches on all the sides. You may also opt for the best insulation material like polyurethane insulation or extruded polystyrene insulation like in the best marine cooler. These options are minutely different from each other when it comes to insulation capacity and it is the prime factor to consider while finding the best cooler for your camping trip.

✓ Seal

The second important factor that you need to consider is the sealing of the cooler. The exchange of air between outside and inside of the cooler will definitely ruin the insulation value of the camping cooler. So, it is necessary to choose the best cooler that comes with robust sealing mechanisms. You must opt for the best cooler for the money that comes with ultimate locking mechanisms and designed with rubber sealing gaskets around the lid which will ensure that the cooler environment is maintained inside the tool. Most of the modern day coolers like Coleman Xtreme 5-Day coolers come with rubberized gasket which keep the stuffs chilled and cold for longer days and maintains a better insulation. It is also essential that you check the cooler latches as the latches play a major role when it comes for efficient coiling of the equipment. So, ensure to choose the cooler latches and stays latched every time to ensure efficient cooling of the cooler.

✓ The Drainage System of the Cooler

Even the best camping coolers would get wet inside because it is just the fact of life for these coolers. When this happens you need to drain out the cooler. So to add convenience to this process, most of the coolers today come with drains which help you to drain out the water inside the cooler with ease. As the ice melts the water is accumulated inside the cooler and it is necessary for you to flush out this water from the cooler at regular interval of time. Draining is also essential after washing and cleaning the cooler. This is where the drainage system of the cooler becomes handy.

When considering the draining option in the cooler, you must check for the durability of the drains. You must check for the drain plugs and ensure to choose the plugs that are receded inside the casing of the cooler. This prevents the drain knob from loosening and breaking accidentally.

✓ The Handles of the Camping Coolers

This may be the trivial factor to consider when choosing the best small cooler for camping. But, coolers usually get heavy in weight when you fill it with ice, water and foods and drinks. So, it is necessary that it comes with robust and comfortable handles which can withstand the weight and use and make maneuverability easier and breeze for the users.

You must ensure that the cooler handles can be tucked seamlessly so that you can comfortably move the cooler easily when it is filled with the stuffs. You must avoid choosing the coolers with poorly design and cheap handles as it is prone to break when you tuck it.

✓ Size of the Cooler

Choosing the best size cooler for camping is necessary for two good reasons. Firstly, you would require room in your RV or car to place the cooler and other equipment required for camping and ensure sufficient space available for all equipments and gears. Secondly, you need to choose the best size cooler which can accommodate all your stuffs well including cans and foods. In order to save space inside your cooler, you must ensure to store packed food into your cooler which must stay cold. This will help you save some space and allow you to place few more items into the cooler. Try to pack dry items which can be preserved in room temperature so that you can carry smallest cooler for your trip and create some space for other gears in your RV.

Final Thought

So, these were some of the best coolers for camping which you can consider for your next camping trip. If you are confused in choosing the best size cooler for your camping needs, then so consider the aforementioned tips and guide on how to buy the best cooler for camping trips.

Try to make your camping trip a remarkable and memorable experience, but not a nightmare with the right cooler for your trip.

It is possible to enjoy your camping trip without a cooler, but most of the campers and travelers today prefer luxurious of home to be carried along with them while they are camping outside and this is where the coolers for camping comes to play.

So, it is necessary that you have the right cooler and best design to maximize your camping experience.

You need to choose the best cooler that comes with ample insulation and has sufficient space inside the cooler which can accommodate all your stuffs well and keep the cold items chilled for maximum period of time so that you can focus on your thrills and adventure when you are camping outside.

Happy Shopping!

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