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Best Bamboo Steamer in 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Last Updated on February 8, 2021 by Jerry Boyce

Bamboo steamer were traditionally used by Asians to steam their meals quickly.

Also, this method is healthier since the food does not lose its vitamins or minerals. Healthy food gives your body the necessary nutrients, thus making it stronger.

This review will disclose the five best bamboo steamers.

Best Bamboo Steamers – Our Top Picks

1. Handmade Natural Bamboo Dumpling Steamer – Best Asian Design

This bamboo steamer is relatively fast, with most veggies taking only five to twelve minutes.

The Handmade Natural Bamboo Dumpling Steamer looks attractive due to its Asian inspired design. It has a durable, sturdy, and 100% natural bamboo material. Besides, the product is nature-friendly due to its non-toxic glue.

This bamboo steamer is also friendly to use.

It also comes with an extra pair of chopsticks making your cooking experience more fantastic. Similarly, it also comes with 50 wax liner papers to make your product clean-up easier.

Also, this wax liner papers prolongs your bamboo streamer’s lifespan. The best bamboo steamer should be durable to ensure you experience the value of your money.

Additionally, this bamboo steamer is healthier. It ensures that veggies do not lose their nutrients and vitamins, thus making your body healthier.

Also, the steamer is stylish and modern, hence giving a gently cooking experience. As a result, it is easy and convenient to use. The product can also be used for warming and serving dim-sum, fish, and dumplings, among others.

This steamer is easy to clean and store. When this basket is appropriately stored, its chances of cracking are minimal.


  • It is durable
  • It has a fantastic design
  • Comes with two pairs of chopsticks and 50 wax liner papers
  • Safe to use
  • It has a two-tiered system
  • High quality


  • Chopsticks are molding


Its baskets are deep with 10 inches diameter, making the steamer more suitable for family use.

2. Juvale Bamboo Steamer Basket – Roomy and Spacious

The steamer has a deep and roomy double tier, which enables hold a lot of food.

This steamer basket has stainless steel rings that help it maintain its shape for long. Also, the rings improve cooking safety due to the heat-safe barrier between the steamer and the water vessel.

Besides, the rings give the steamer an extra-tight seal on the sides and around the lid. As a result, more moisture is trapped within the streamer, thus making cooking faster.

The double tiers make your food cook thoroughly and healthier. When cooking meals in a higher volume, you can use the two tiers at once. The sturdy bottom of these tiers makes this to one of the best bamboo steamers.

Also, the baskets are adequately deep and roomy to hold a higher volume. It has a 10-inch diameter, thus proving thorough steam penetrating space for faster cooking.

Besides, this plenty of room makes the product fantastic for reheating or recooking leftovers.

This Juvale Bamboo Steamer Basket gives you efficient and quick cooking experience. It also seals in the nutrients, thus making your meals healthier. You can use it to steam cook poultry, meat, vegetables, and seafood, among others.


  • It has plenty of room due to its
  • 10-inch diameter
  • It has a solid construction
  • The steel rings give the basket extra tightness and reinforcement
  • It has diversified cooking options due to its two tiers
  • It is durable
  • It is safer to use
  • Its baskets are adequately deep


  • It doesn’t come with liners
  • The steel rings are likely to scratch nonstick cookware


This steamer is quick and efficient, it also maintains the nutrients making the meal healthier.

3. VonShef Bamboo Steamer – Has Fantastic Features

This steamer has an excellent design and features that make it the best bamboo steamers.

Each tier of this steamer has a stainless steel banding around it. These bands enable the layers to fit on top of each other. The use of stainless steel material is to avoid rusting and corroding.

The band also enables tiers to maintain their shape and fit, thus containing the moisture. Adequate steam cooks meals thoroughly and quickly, hence helping you save time.

This bamboo steamer comes with chopsticks to make you enjoy your meals more. The sticks well attractively designed and can be washed and stored to be reused.

Liners are essential for a bamboo steamer. This product comes with the best wax paper liners, which improves its use of safety. Also, it prevents things from sticking to the steamer.

This steamer has two basket tiers, which enables you to cook more food at once. Additionally, the two levels allow you to steam multiple things at a go. For instance, you can cook vegetables and fish in one vessel.

Unlike other bamboo steamers that require treating before use, this model is ready to use. It is made of a pre-treated natural bamboo material for minimal care and washing requirements.

Lastly, the steamer has a 10-inch diameter, thus creating a more extensive cooking room.


  • It can accommodate large food amounts
  • Comes with two sets of chopsticks
  • It comes with wax paper liners
  • It is safe due to a tightly woven lid
  • Allows a more than one food variety to be cooked at once
  • Easy to wash
  • Has stainless steel banding to maintain steamer’s shape


  • The bamboo may add unwanted flavor to the meal
  • The stainless steel band may become too hot to touch


Using this product is safer due to its wax liner papers.

4. Helen Chen’s Asian Bamboo Steamer Basket – Easy to Clean

This steamer is made of a unique and attractive design.

Unlike most other bamboo steamers, Helen Chen’s bamboo steamer is all made of natural bamboo. As a result, the meal is traditionally steamed, thus giving you the real traditional taste.

Also, it makes it safer to touch since the material is not an excellent heat conductor. Besides, the steamer has uniquely and beautifully woven lacing makes it more attractive.

This bamboo steamer has two tiers, which allows your meal to cook faster and conveniently. Both tiers are adequately large with a one-inch depth.

Additionally, the two tiers enable you to cook more than one food type at once. Consequently, due to this feature, you do not need multiple pans and pots.

Similarly, this steamer’s 10-inch diameter gives you an ample cooking room for large items. Therefore, it is more convenient for you to cook more quantity meal in one session.

Besides, this steamer is safe for use with a nonstick pan or pot. Unlike other bamboo steamers with metal bands or casings, this steamer can’t scratch the pan’s coating.

Conversely, to some other bamboo steamers, this model has interlocking tiers. As a result, the tiers are interchangeable, and the tightly woven lid can fit either. Therefore, you do not have to worry about setting up the steamer right.


  • It looks unique and traditional due to its 100% bamboo material
  • Its lid fits perfectly on either lid
  • It has two tiers for multiple or more food cooking in one session
  • It is pre-treated; hence less care beyond washing is required.
  • Doesn’t scratch a nonstick pan or pot
  • Its interlocking tiers help you safe time
  • Has an attractive design


  • It is prone to breakage after relatively heavy use
  • You need to take care with hot pans


This steamer is suitable for traditional meal lovers because it maintains a traditional taste in food.

5. Flexzion Bamboo Steamer Basket – Large and Durable

Its bamboo wood is sturdy and water-resistant, hence making it the best bamboo steamer.

This product has a relatively large diameter, which enables it to accommodate more food at once. If you want to cook a large amount of food in one session, this steamer is suitable. Its diameter is 10 inches.

It has two-tiered steamer baskets that are stackable to each other. The two enables you to cook more than one meal type in one session. This feature helps you save time while cooking.

Also, the tiers have domed lids that help in moisture and flavor retention. Well contained moisture leads to quick and evenly cooking. Sealing in moisture ensures perfect steaming, hence making food tastier.

Similarly, the lid also ensures that food nutrients are retained as well. Food nutrients are vital for your body since they make it healthier.

The steamer baskets are made of perfectly woven bamboo, making it sturdy and durable. Consequently, the product will serve you longer, thus giving you value for money.

This steamer is water-resistant. Therefore, steaming fish, vegetables, and other ingredients don’t damage the basket.


  • It has an attractive design
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It has a stainless steel rim which assists in moisture retention
  • It has two tiers
  • Comes with a pair of chopsticks


  • Steamer liners stick to the steamer


This steamer is suitable for making authentic Asian or Chinese cuisine.

Bamboo Steamer - Buyer’s Guide

best bamboo steamers banner

Bamboo steamer is a significant tool for food steaming. However, it is essential to look at the product’s quality before purchasing it.

Although most of the bamboo steamers look similar, they vary in their durability period. Therefore, you need to be keen in choosing a long-lasting product. These are the vital things you should consider when selecting the best bamboo steamer.


Sometimes, cooking tools pose a considerable fire risk to the user. Therefore, it is vital to look for a product that has minimal risk. A bamboo steamer made of 100% bamboo is very safe for use.

However, if the steamer has materials that contain BPA, it can pose severe health problems. Therefore such materials should be avoided for a healthy life.

Number of Tiers

A bamboo steamer is an all-in-one product, thus making it an excellent cooking tool. However, a bamboo steamer with many stacked levels is vital for cooking a large amount of food.

Also, it allows you to cook more than one type of meal in one session. Though, while cooking multiple food types, the bamboo steamer might take a more extended period. Due to many tiers, the steam needs a prolonged period to reach the top tier.

Always ensure that the steamer you choose has at least two tiers.

Steel Rings or Bands

Unquestionably, an all-natural bamboo steamer has a beautiful natural appearance. However, the best bamboo steamer should be long-lasting.

The steel rings extend the bamboo steamer’s lifespan by helping it maintain its shape. Comparatively, an all-natural bamboo steamer is attractive, while a bamboo steamer with steel rings is durable.

Bamboo Quality

Quality is vital for efficiency and durability. Therefore, the best bamboo steamer should have a premium quality bamboo material. Bamboo steamers with chemical or strong smell are not of the right quality are not the right quality; hence they should be avoided.

Natural bamboo doesn’t crack or splinter and has a minimal scent. Besides, a quality bamboo steamer has a smooth and tightly woven bamboo. Warranty in a product is a good sign of quality, thus should be considered.

Performance and Ease of Use

The best bamboo steamer should be easy to use and work correctly. The lid of the best bamboo steamer should have a parchment paper lining.

The lining prevents nutrients and juice loss from the meal. Also, it prevents the steaming basket from odors and stains. Additionally, it makes the steamer work more conveniently and gives better results.

Additionally, tight woven lids and fitting stackable baskets facilitate for intensely steamy and hot environments. Consequently, such bamboo steamers cook faster and maintain the food’s nutrients.

Frequenty Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

How to choose the best bamboo steamer?

A good bamboo steamer is essential for its numerous health benefits. However, they vary in several ways, thus affecting their functionality.

Price is a significant factor you should consider. Various bamboo steamers have different features, hence the price variation. However, getting a fair balance between product quality and affordability might be challenging.

Therefore, you need to ensure you have adequate information about the product. Ratings and reviews about the product from previous users are more informative. As a result, they enable you to choose a bamboo steamer that will give you value for your money.

Product features are equally essential factors you should consider. The key features of an item help you decide if it is suitable for your needs. Size, shape, design, number of tiers, and material used are vital features for bamboo steamers.

What are the benefits of using the best bamboo steamer?

Aside from woks, bamboo steamers are essential in most Asians and Chinese communities. However, the use of these products comes with various benefits.

The bamboo steamers give you a health benefit through healthy eating. Meals steamed or cooked using this product to maintain their nutrients. The human body requires nutrients and vitamins for its functionality.

Secondly, the use of bamboo steamers is the relatively fast traditional cooking method. The method facilitates the cooking of various food types or large amounts at once. Besides, the use of bamboo steamers helps in maintaining food’s flavor.

What are the safety measures to observe while using the best bamboo steamers?

Although bamboo steamers have various benefits, you need to be careful while using them. Bamboo steamers with stainless steel rings can get hot while cooking. Consequently, you need to be cautious while using them to avoid burning.

Also, some bamboo steamers allow excess moisture to drip along with the baskets. This moisture is usually hot and can quickly burn you if not well handled.

Therefore, you need to be observant and careful while cooking with the bamboo steamers.


Unquestionably, healthy meals are vital for your body. The best Bamboo steamer should be able to maintain the meals’ nutrients and vitamins. It should also be durable and safe to use.

In this review, Gourmet Styles Traditional Handmade Natural Bamboo Dumpling Steamer was in the top list.

This bamboo steamer is relatively fast in cooking, thus saving your time. Also, it has an attractive Asian design that makes it look stylish and presentable. Besides, it is durable and made up of high-quality materials.

It is also nature-friendly and safe to use due to the non-toxic glue used in it. Likewise, it comes with an extra pair of chopsticks and wax liner papers.

Lastly, the steamer is compact, thus making it easy to store. Also, it is easy to wash, and it is durable.

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