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Bacoeng 64oz Keg Growler Review

Bacoeng Growler Review

Crafted to make your life easier the Bacoeng 64oz Keg Growler is an ideal equipment to be included in your kitchen. Nothing is better than a chilled beer with friends during a hot summer holiday. A kegerator allows you to keep your beers inside it for longer duration of time without it going bad, as all kegerators come with a pre-installed cooling unit.

The Bacoeng 64oz Keg Growler is one of the best mini kegerators that you can find. A new addition to the line of kegs by Bacoeng. Being small and compact in size it is a perfect addition to your home bar, kitchen or man cave. The Bacoeng 64oz Keg Growler is packed with all the necessary equipment’s you need for that perfect chilled beer.

Mini kegs give you the liberty of brewing smaller batches, they are a convenient way to enjoy draft beer at home without having to install an actual bar in your house. It is simple and relatively cheaper way of enjoying your favourite beverage at home. mini kegs are also great when it comes to experimenting with different flavours until you find your favourite one.

Features Bacoeng 64oz Pressurized Keg Growler

One of the best kegerators for craft beers loaded with features that will definitely make this 64oz Keg Growler your favourite:

1. Capacity – 2 litre stainless steel keg, that keeps your beer chilled and fresh

2. CO2 tap system – a new and improved CO2 tap system, gives you stable output pressure every time.

3. Variable pressure regulation cap – many times your beer is either too carbonated which creates lot of foam or little less carbonated which creates less foam, but with a variable pressure regulation cap, the Bacoeng 64oz Keg Growler is capable of maintaining just the right amount of carbonation for your beer.

4. Mobility – being compact in size, you can easily move around or take this Growler to a friend’s place, a party, tailgating or anywhere you wish to enjoy your home brew.

5. Rubber gasket-seal – the included rubber gasket seal cap will lock in the freshness of your beer for really long time and you can easily transport the keg after sealing it with the gasket seal cap.

6. Mini-regulator – will maintain proper dispensing pressure throughout.

7. Exhaust valve design – homebrew beer will always produce carbon dioxide during fermentation and storage, because of which the pressure inside the bottle drops, making it really difficult to open. Its exhaust valve is designed to control the pressure inside the bottle. Making it really easy to operate and use.

8. Food grade stainless steel – 304 stainless steel, extremely durable and reliable. Capable of holding carbonation pressure for longer durations hence keeps your beer fresh for longer periods.

9. Dimensions: 13 x 5.3 inch; suitable for both outdoor or indoor use. Aided with two handles, with which you can easily hold and pour.

10. Weight: 4lb / 1.8 kg

11. Threaded CO2 cartridge system – match 16 3/8” thread cartridge, though CO2 cartridge are not included in the package.

BACOENG 64 Ounce Pressurized Keg Growler, Kegerator for Home Brew Beer with Updated CO2 Regulator

Turning any day into a celebration, a chilled beer with that perfect taste is a must have during hot summers. With the Bacoeng pressurized growler you will always get that perfect pour which ensures that fresh beer is on the inside and the flattening air is on the outside. It will never give a glass full of foam.

Now it is possible to drink your favourite craft beer directly from the tap that too at your own home with the Bacoeng 64oz Keg Growler.

The durable food grade ss304 growler will keep your beverage fresh, cold and carbonated for longer periods of time. Being of high quality steel you don’t have to worry about breaking a glass growler or a bottle again as was the case with other traditional growlers.

An awesome piece of engineering its Perfect Pour Regulator System, regulates the flow of your favourite craft beer. And with a dual stage regulator capable of delivering more stable pressure output.

With 64oz of your favourite beer which equates to 4 pints or over 5 bottles of beer, it is a perfect companion for camping or a party. Its design and durability make it the perfect equipment for any sort of indoor or outdoor activities. Stuff it up in your backpack bring it to the backcountry, the beach or a local festival to share your favourite craft beer with friends and family.

An indispensable piece of machine, especially for beer lovers. It keeps the bad air out, the carbonation in and will never pour a glass full of foam. Its design and engineering make it the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations or any other occasions. 

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Final Words

Sharing beer is the best way to make new friends and socialise. You will always enjoy watching your family and friends bonding over a mug of beer and some food.

A must for all home brewers the Bacoeng 64oz Growler is a great device to have around especially if you are someone who is fond of beer.

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