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Ice Maker Overview: What’s the Real Story?

Sonic ice makers or machines are in great demand during the summer time. Outdoor activities are a common thing during this time of the year and under the scorching Sun, it is always good to have an ice maker to carry around with you, right?

Whether you are camping out or enjoying summer parties, a portable ice maker can always come in handy. If you are into a restaurant business or any food service business for that matter, you will know how crucial it is to have an ice maker or ice machine.

But wait, there’s more –

Since there are plenty of styles and configurations available, it is important that you have some understanding about them in order to buy the right product for your business’s needs.

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Types of Sonic Ice Makers / Ice Machines and Why Does These Matter

While commercial ice machines are mostly used in restaurants, bars, hospitals and supermarkets residential ice machines like undercounter ice makers are used in homes or by people who love to entertain. Then there are portable ice makers that are ideal  for small living spaces or when your are traveling.

If you don’t have an integrated ice maker in your refrigerator, a portable ice maker is a great substitute. As mentioned before, there are a wide variety of ice makers, ice machines and food & drink coolers for sale available for you to choose from. Not all units are manufactured the same, so it’s important that you understand the differences between them all.

Let’s have a look at the different types of ice makers available:

Tip: If you are looking for an ice maker for your home, then you could choose between a portable unit, a built-in one, a self-contained or a modular ice machine.

    • Portable and Countertop Ice Makers

luma-comfort-im200ss-portable-clear-ice-maker-28-pound-sinkThese types of sonic ice makers have a compact size that can fit on your countertop without taking up much space. They do not require a permanent water line. You just have to pour water into them to operate and they make ice very fast, hardly takes more than ten minutes.

The most important thing to understand about these small ice machines is that they do not function as freezers and therefore the ice will not be stay frozen for a long time. As the ice melts, the water is recycled by the machine to make more ice. One of the best advantages of using a portable ice maker is that it can be easily moved from place to place because of their small size.

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    • Built-in and Under counter Ice Makers

whynter-uim-155-undercounterUndercounter ice makers, as the name suggests have front ventilation and are built in or placed between cabinetry.

NOTE: The service of a professional plumber is required to install these units.

Unlike the portable machines, they can store a larger capacity of ice and require a permanent water line, in some cases, a drain line too. Also, the ice stays frozen for a longer period of time.

Under counter ice makers are a bit more expensive but they are totally worth the money and a great investment for your home.

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    • Self-contained Ice Machines

ice-maker-machine-w-ice-bin-mim1000-1000lb-maxx-self-containedSelf-contained ice machines like this Ice Maker Machine w/Ice Bin MIM1000 1000LB Maxx Self-Contained are the best option when space is the main constraint for you. These machines are designed in such a way as to produce ice as well as store it within the same unit. Although they do not take up much space, they have a lesser storage capacity and a lower ice production rate.

    • Modular Ice Machines

When compared to under counter ice makers, modular ice machines produce larger quantities of ice. They are ideal for commercial use such as in bars, restaurants, and hospitals. Since they do not provide storage, you need to buy a separate unit for ice collection and storage.

You can purchase a storage bin that can be used to collect the ice and keep it ready for serving. The storage bins can be stacked and kept below the modular unit. Modular ice makers are the perfect choice if your daily ice production requirements is above 300 pounds.

They also qualify as ENERGY STAR certified because the condenser can be cooled using air or water and most of them use up only less water and electricity to produce ice. One great example is the Hoshizaki 352 Lb Production/24 Hrs Slim Line Modular Ice Machine.

 How Can You Actually Use This?

Ages ago, ice used to be in the form of simple cubes that were produced in ice trays inside the freezer unit of a refrigerator. But now, after the arrival of the different types of ice machines, you can get ice in various forms and shapes. The different types of ice that can be produced by these machines include:

  • Regular ice cube
  • Dice cube – Rhomboid shaped clear cubes
  • Crushed ice – type mostly used in beverage dispensers
  • Nugget – softer and can easily chew
  • Gourmet – Octagon shaped and looks like a crystal
  • Flake – Used to keep delicate foods fresh without damaging them. Mainly used for beverage presentation.

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What To Look For Before Purchasing an Ice Maker:

Pursuing your own self sonic ice maker is terribly required when you possess your own business. When it comes for getting a reliable ice maker, you all start thinking differently. This website have a wide range of brands and models of appliances that can serve your needs fluently.

ice maker machine makes cold drinks

Final Thoughts

The Best Part!

Now that you have got an idea of the various types of sonic ice makers and food & drink coolers available, you must have made a choice depending on your requirements. If you wish to buy one at a cheaper rate, it would be a good idea to check online to see if anyone has put up ads of ice makers and coolers for sale.

In addition to the types of ice machines, there are a few other things to consider before coming to a decision, such as the condenser type, filter type, size of the machine and your budget. All these details are explained in our concise buying guide. So please feel free to go through it and also don’t forget to leave a feedback!

All your desired sonic ice maker / ice machines / food & drink coolers are available here with low maintenance requirement. So come and grab them.

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