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Hi and Welcome to Food Plus Ice. My name is Jerry, i'm the owner and one of the reviewers here.

If you are planning to buy products that produces ice or products that keeps your food fresh and your drinks chilled and would like to get some information about them first, then you have come to the right place.

You can get an overview of the different types of kitchenware, cookware and appliances here. You can’t go wrong!

Sound’s good?

Now that you are here, please go ahead and browse through the website. Remember, we have included a brief buying guides, which would help you select products like ice makers, refrigerators, coolers, kegerators, freezers, blenders or coffee makers that would suit your requirements.

That’s not all.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to leave your feedback, which will help us improve our website and make it more useful for our visitor friends, and that includes you!

Our sincere hope is that people will find Food Plus Ice useful and that they will get the required information which will help them buy a product of your liking.


Jerry Boyce
Owner / Executive Editor